• Beauty Detox: Glowing Skin Salad

    Beauty Detox: Glowing Skin Salad

    Feeling bloated and a tad unhealthy after all of your holiday feasting? Re-balance your insides and get glowing, clear skin with celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder's recipe for a probiotic and enzyme cabbage salad.

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  • Social Experiment: The Morning After

    Social Experiment: The Morning After

    We’ve all done the walk of shame at one time in our lives, and this week Beautylish’s Jasmine takes the bullet and spends one workday in last night’s party makeup. Find out what happens to her as she braves the streets in smudged eyeliner and flaking glitter!

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  • Body By Kit: High Butt, Happy Life

    Body By Kit: High Butt, Happy Life

    Need a new outlook in 2012? Fitness expert Kit Rich shares her "High Butt, Happy Life" philosophy as well as her best tips for a tight and toned backside.

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  • Sci-Fi Beauty Products We Wish Existed

    Sci-Fi Beauty Products We Wish Existed

    We’re always on the hunt for state-of-the-art products, but sometimes the best beauty solutions haven’t been invented yet! Read which sci-fi beauty breakthroughs we hope will become a reality soon.

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  • Beautylish's 2012 Beauty Resolutions

    Beautylish's 2012 Beauty Resolutions

    The New Year is almost here and Beautylish is already planning a fresh start. Keep reading to see which surprising bad beauty habits we plan to break in 2012.

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  • New Year's Eve Nails!
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    New Year's Eve Nails!

    Ring in the New Year with an over-the-top manicure! 2011’s final night of celebration is an excuse to go all out—we're talking glitter, metallics, and decals galore!

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  • Masquerade Mask Tutorial

    Masquerade Mask Tutorial

    Off to a masquerade ball this New Year's Eve? These masked affairs remind us of the Venetian "Carnevale" festival in Italy, but original Italian masks are expensive and a little hard to come by. Learn how to design your very own veiled work of art on a minimal budget with the help of makeup.

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  • Best New Smoky Eye Palettes

    Best New Smoky Eye Palettes

    Planning a sultry smoky eye for New Year's Eve? Just in time for your big night out, we rounded up our top picks and must-have kits that are perfect for creating the ultimate sexy lids.

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  • 4 Tips for Flawless New Year's Makeup

    4 Tips for Flawless New Year's Makeup

    Ready for the ball to drop? 2012 is just around the corner, and there’s no doubt you’ll be putting on your prettiest face to celebrate the occasion! Chanel celebrity makeup artist Kate Lee shares her tips for party makeup perfection.

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  • Do the Twist!

    Do the Twist!

    So over the braids trend? Twists are the next big fad for spring! The effect adds texture and sophistication to any ’do and are easier to master than a complex plait. Keep reading to see the latest and greatest rolled styles.

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  • Statement Eye Tricks for New Year's Eve

    Statement Eye Tricks for New Year's Eve 

    Power peepers! Creating high glamour on your lids can be difficult if are attempting to layer bright pigments, glitter, and, eye liner. To get flawless effects and avoid messy results, check out these simple tips from a top makeup pro.

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  • The Perfect Accessory for Your NYE Mini

    The Perfect Accessory for Your NYE Mini

    Wearing a thigh-high mini this New Year's Eve? Before you hike up that hemline, give your limbs a much needed makeover with our guide for achieving glam gams—without hitting the gym!

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  • Are Lasers Your Last Resort?

    Are Lasers Your Last Resort?

    You’ve tried every cream that claims to banish your brown spots or reduce your wrinkles. But if nothing seems to work, should you turn to laser treatments as a last resort? Learn everything you need to know about these skin zappers.

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  • 5 Video-Promoting Ideas To Boost Your Viewership

    5 Video-Promoting Ideas To Boost Your Viewership

    Creating amazing content is a wonderful start to sharing your tutorials, but it takes more than one step to get exposure. Keep reading for our tips on the best ways to promote your videos!

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  • Scarf-Styling Hair Tips

    Scarf-Styling Hair Tips

    We all love snuggling into a cozy scarf during the colder months, but how do you style your hair with all the extra material around your neck? Do you tuck your strands in, leave them out, or put them in a cute ponytail? Keep reading for the best ways to style your mane when wearing a scarf.

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  • New Year's Eve Makeup Tutorial

    New Year's Eve Makeup Tutorial

    Get ready to paint the town red with a sparkling makeup look from Beautylish’s Jasmine. Whether you’re heading to a family get-together or a big holiday bash, this look works for any event. Keep reading to learn how to glam up for the last night of the year!

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  • Best Powder Bronzers

    Best Powder Bronzers

    The sun may not be shining, but that doesn't mean you can't flaunt a gorgeous glow! Warming up your fading wintertime complexion isn't just about rosy cheeks. Keep reading to see our top picks of bronzers that will fit any budget and style.

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  • Loathe or Love: Hair Tattoos
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    Loathe or Love: Hair Tattoos

    Like to try something unique and daring with your locks? Hair tattoos may sound permanent and painful, but they're simply designs etched into your hair with a clipper. From leopard print to stars and hearts, your head can become an artistic masterpiece!

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  • Beauty Detox: Energy Soup

    Beauty Detox: Energy Soup

    Winter is ideal for warming up with soups, so why not enjoy one that will give you an energy and immune boost as well? This week celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder gives us a recipe for cauliflower energy soup, a quick and easy-to-make meal that is high in vitamins and nutrients.

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  • Sonya Dakar's DIY Winter Skin Care Tricks

    Sonya Dakar's DIY Winter Skin Care Tricks

    Windburn, sunburn and extreme dryness can wreak havoc on your complexion— especially if you don’t fix their harmful effects immediately and properly. Learn how to cure the worst cold weather woes in a snap with Sofia Vergara, Bar Rafaeli, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s skin care guru.

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