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  • Safe and Natural Makeup Must Haves
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    Safe and Natural Makeup Must Haves

    Natural, eco-friendly makeup not only helps the environment but also contains ingredients that are safe for your body and do wonders for your skin! And if you're going to use a mascara, eye liner, or lip gloss every day, don't you want it to be good for you? Here are our Top 3 natural makeup picks.

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  • Winterize Your Beauty Routine

    Winterize Your Beauty Routine

    The winter months can be extremely harsh on your skin, hair, and nails, so it's essential to alter your routine.

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  • Color Charged: Rainbows Part 2
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    Color Charged: Rainbows Part 2

    We love bright, intense shades in all their glorious forms! The rainbow trend spreads beyond eye shadow—lips, nails, and hair also look amazing in multicolor. There are plenty of ways to try this bold effect, and we look to three Beauties for inspiration.

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  • Chloë Moretz Makeup, "Hugo" Premiere

    Chloë Moretz Makeup, "Hugo" Premiere

    Chloë Moretz looked oh-so-pretty at the premiere of "Hugo," her ultra feminine Dolce & Gabbana dress acting as inspiration for celebrity makeup artist Beau Nelson. Keep reading to find out how he created the look.

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  • Five Memory-Boosting Foods

    Five Memory-Boosting Foods

    No one likes to forget an important date or meeting, but did you know that what you eat can affect your memory? Foods such as anchovies, olive oil, and cinnamon don't just taste nice in a Caesar salad or apple pie, but can help you remember important names and dates! Keep reading to find out all five.

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  • Is Your Hair pH Balanced?

    Is Your Hair pH Balanced?

    Brands are beginning to formulate hair care products designed to keep your pH levels in equilibrium, but does this scientifically based concept have any visible effect on your locks?

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  • Counter Confidential: Little Miss Know It All

    Counter Confidential: Little Miss Know It All

    What happens when your client thinks she knows more about beauty than you do? Beautylish’s Undercover Agent shares her experiences with know-it all customers and how to deal with them.

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  • Under the Weather Beauty Advice

    Under the Weather Beauty Advice

    Celebrity makeup artist and health expert Jeffrey Paul shares his tips on how to get your body and beauty back in order, even when you’re feeling under the weather.

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  • Best Nail Polish Brushes
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    Best Nail Polish Brushes

    When you're as obsessed with nail polishes as we are, finding the perfect color and brush combination is essential. The right tools help make the difference between a good manicure and a bad one, so we put together our Top 3 nail polish brushes.

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  • Beauty Detox: Rainbow Peppers

    Beauty Detox: Rainbow Peppers

    Eating boring, dull-looking food doesn't just seem depressing, it won’t do your body any favors either. Often, the brighter and more colorful your food, the better it is for you! This week celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder gives us a recipe for stuffed peppers, a jewel-toned vegetable that tastes just as good as it looks.

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  • DIY Glitter Tattoos

    DIY Glitter Tattoos

    Learn how to design a DIY glitter tattoo with items you most likely already own.

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  • Beautiful Lip Butters
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    Beautiful Lip Butters

    Lips already chapped? Now is the perfect time of the year to whip out your hydrating balms, butters, and glazes. Here’s why we love these nourishing lip butters for the cold weather.

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  • Street Spy: Holly C.

    Street Spy: Holly C.

    Beautylish hits the streets to discover the hair, makeup, and skin care secrets of real Beauties just like you!

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  • Five Ways to De-Stress

    Five Ways to De-Stress

    Feeling a little stressed? With thoughts of holiday parties, Christmas shopping, and that ever present “What do I wear?” question clouding your mind, life can get a little crazy. Here are five ways to relax, de-stress, and take a little time out for yourself.

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  • Dermatologist Shares Her DIY Skin Care Recipes

    Dermatologist Shares Her DIY Skin Care Recipes

    "The Doctors" dermatologist Ava Shamban, M.D., shares her top all-natural DIY skin care recipes. Keep reading for easy at-home complexion cures—from potatoes to yogurt!

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  • Confessions of a Cuticle Biter

    Confessions of a Cuticle Biter

    Beautylish's Cinya reveals her unhealthy urge to nibble her hangnails and shares the easy tricks she used to quit her bad habit.

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  • Beauty Secrets From "Afrobella"

    Beauty Secrets From "Afrobella"

    Patrice Yursik from Afrobella (one of our favorite brown girl beauty blogs) loves anything natural, engaging with her beautiful readers, and learning new beauty and hair tips and tricks. We spoke with the vivacious blogger and found out her look-gorgeous secrets!

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  • Men's Awareness Isn't Just for Men

    Men's Awareness Isn't Just for Men

    It’s that time of year, and no, we’re not talking about turkey coma day. Movember, formerly known as November, is a month when all types of mustaches grace the faces of many men. This month doesn’t only have to be about men though. Find out some fun ways you can participate in Movember!

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  • Runway To Real Life
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    Runway To Real Life 

    Many trends are strutted down the catwalk, but the fall/winter shows gave us three in particular. Bold Brooke Shields-esque brows, dark vampy lips, and bright, gem-toned eyes were our favorites, but they might not be trends you'd wear every day. We spoke with a makeup artist for some tips and tricks on how to incorporate these looks into your makeup routine.

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  • Nicole Scherzinger is Kiss Product Inc.'s First Spokesmodel

    Nicole Scherzinger is Kiss Product Inc.'s First Spokesmodel

    Keep reading for more details on the deal the "X Factor" judge just inked to represent the brand's Impress Press-On Manicure.

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