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Lit Cosmetics

Glitter has always secretly been one of our favorite things, but when we saw Lit! Cosmetics and their amazing colors, we knew it was time to tell the world. Some of the glitters are uniform in color, while others have a mesmerizing rainbow iridescence and others are a velvety neon.

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About Lit Cosmetics

Once the secret behind dramatic makeup theatrics, the serious drag circuit, or the underground rave scene, glitter is spilling out into a new era. Today’s individuals are embracing multi-colored liners and lip colors with gusto. New, hypnotizing shadows have come on the market that are unlike anything you’d ever find in the craft aisle. It’s glitter, refined.

Calgary-based Lit! Cosmetics is one of the brands leading the blinged out cause. Lit! founder Jodie Perks, a self-professed member of the glitterati, has developed a full range of pigments in the most unique, duochromatic color and size spectrum we’ve seen. We had a sparkle-swatching party in the office and we can assure you it’s nearly impossible to stop playing with these faceted cosmetics, let alone break eye contact from their mesmerizing reflectivity. Pigment aside, Lit's breakthrough adhesive formula is really what makes this brand, and its products, stick.

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