Easy Tips to Color-Contour Your Lips


Ombré Chic

Different lip techniques create the prettiest effects. We’re currently obsessed with Leesha C.’s popular ombré look, which fades color from the top lip down. Fill your upper lip with a plum pigment, then blend the color downward with a concealer for a natural gradient. 

Scarlet Vamp

Give a classic red lip extra depth and dimension by blending a black shadow from the outer corners inward. Keep the ebony contour to the perimeter of your lips to retain the vibrancy of the crimson.

Neon Barbie

Kick up a hot pink lip by patting an orange pigment onto the center of your pucker. The Miami-bright combo creates a plumping, duotone effect!

Aqua Disco

Feeling especially adventurous? Pair an oceanic green with a cobalt blue for a finish that’s positively marine!

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