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  • Power Pigments!
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    Power Pigments!

    Want to make a color splash? Keep reading for our top picks of the boldest, brightest eye shadows available right now.

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  • Real Red-Eye Reduction
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    Real Red-Eye Reduction

    Don't you hate it when bloodshot eyes ruin a perfectly good photo? With the holiday party season in full swing and the cameras clicking away, there's no time to be in the red. Learn tips and tricks to banish the bloodshot look.

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  • Quick Ways To Cut  Out 100 Calories

    Quick Ways To Cut Out 100 Calories

    We all love to shave off a few calories, and in his new book “Now Eat This,” Rocco DiSpirito has plenty of recipes that eliminate 100 of them! We caught up with the chef for some tips on how to cut 100 calories from quick, easy meals.

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  • Luxe Nail Inspiration

    Luxe Nail Inspiration

    Can't afford a pricey designer handbag? Keep reading to see three unique ways you can still sport your favorite fashion brands at your fingertips.

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  • Expiration Dates: When to Toss Your Beauty Loot

    Expiration Dates: When to Toss Your Beauty Loot

    Need a makeup hoarding intervention? Here it is! Keep reading for exactly how long you should keep everything from mascara to moisturizer.

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  • The Cameo Makes A Comeback

    The Cameo Makes A Comeback

    You don't have to lace up a corset to appreciate the beauty of Victorian estate jewelry. See how the cameo is making a comeback in fashion and beauty.

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  • Beauty Detox: Skin Brightening Soup

    Beauty Detox: Skin Brightening Soup

    A soup recipe that will keep your skin looking great—even when you're a little lazy to cook.

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  • Hollywood's Most Wanted Hair

    Hollywood's Most Wanted Hair

    Which celebrity-inspired hairstyles were trending in U.S. salons over the past year? Keep reading to see the A-list 'dos that garnered the most requests in 2011.

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  • His and Hers
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    His and Hers

    Have you caught your boyfriend stealing your cleanser, or noticed that your favorite bottle of shampoo has been getting lighter in the shower? In these modern times, guys are getting more in touch with their beauty side, so it makes sense to buy some products you can both enjoy. Here are our Top 3.

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  • The Real 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

    The Real 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

    From the angel wings and gorgeous lingerie to the special appearances (Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Maroon 5 all perform this year), there's nothing quite like the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which airs tonight on CBS. Go behind the scenes and see how much manpower it takes to transform supermodels into Victoria's Secret Angels. Hair, skin, and body contouring makeup—all secrets are revealed here.

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  • Day to Night Makeup Transformations
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    Day to Night Makeup Transformations

    When you're running from work or school to a fun evening escapade and only have a few moments to touch up your face, it helps to know which products can easily take you to an evening look. We spoke with a celebrity makeup artist to find out what will get you out the door and looking good—fast.

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  • Counter Confidential: Sick Days

    Counter Confidential: Sick Days

    The sneezing, coughing, and hacking season is back, and there’s nothing worse than being sick. Our Undercover Agent gives some advice about visiting the beauty counter if you’re a little under the weather.

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  • Celebrity Inspiration: The Bob

    Celebrity Inspiration: The Bob

    A fresh crop is quickly becoming the hottest hairstyle in Hollywood this season. Keep reading to see the newest in short cuts—and which styles might work for you.

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  • Do Sleep Aids Really Work?

    Do Sleep Aids Really Work?

    With so many people finding it hard to get enough rest, it's no wonder there are more easy-to-use sleep aids on the market. Beautylish's Tara tries out Dream Water to see if it really works.

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  • Body By Kit: How To Choose A Personal Trainer

    Body By Kit: How To Choose A Personal Trainer

    Thinking of hiring a personal trainer to help you slink into that special New Year's dress, but worried because every fitness pro at your gym looks like a "Jersey Shore" extra? Whether you want to get in shape for a wedding, reunion, or to improve your health, fitness expert Kit Rich explains why you should give that female Arnold Schwarzenegger (complete with rippling calves) a shot.

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  • Fun And Easy Healthy Eating Tips

    Fun And Easy Healthy Eating Tips

    Eating a well-balanced diet is essential, but a salad can seem kind of boring when you’re craving a yummy snack. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make healthy food fun. Here are five of our favorite tricks.

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  • The Top 3 Limited-Edition Holiday Beauty Steals
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    The Top 3 Limited-Edition Holiday Beauty Steals

    Luxe products, cheap prices! Keep reading to see the best deals on mega holiday makeup kits. Whether you’re gifting to your best beauty pal or treating yourself, you can score hundreds of dollars in products—all for less than $100!

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  • Best Skin Care at Every Age

    Best Skin Care at Every Age

    Whether you’re in your teens, twenties, thirties, or forties, keep reading to discover your age-group's most common concern and which products you should be using to fix it.

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  • Silver Lining
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    Silver Lining

    Let the icy tones of winter inspire you to try some pretty silver products. Whether you paint your nails a cool gray or create a silvery smoky eye, winter colors look beautiful and sophisticated.

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  • Street Spy: Melissa B.
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    Street Spy: Melissa B.

    A fun new take on lipstick? We had to stop for that! Melissa wears a green shade from her own lipstick brand, The Lip Bar, and a gorgeous swirly updo.

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