• Celebrity Inspiration: The Bob

    Celebrity Inspiration: The Bob

    A fresh crop is quickly becoming the hottest hairstyle in Hollywood this season. Keep reading to see the newest in short cuts—and which styles might work for you.

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  • Do Sleep Aids Really Work?

    Do Sleep Aids Really Work?

    With so many people finding it hard to get enough rest, it's no wonder there are more easy-to-use sleep aids on the market. Beautylish's Tara tries out Dream Water to see if it really works.

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  • Body By Kit: How To Choose A Personal Trainer

    Body By Kit: How To Choose A Personal Trainer

    Thinking of hiring a personal trainer to help you slink into that special New Year's dress, but worried because every fitness pro at your gym looks like a "Jersey Shore" extra? Whether you want to get in shape for a wedding, reunion, or to improve your health, fitness expert Kit Rich explains why you should give that female Arnold Schwarzenegger (complete with rippling calves) a shot.

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  • Fun And Easy Healthy Eating Tips

    Fun And Easy Healthy Eating Tips

    Eating a well-balanced diet is essential, but a salad can seem kind of boring when you’re craving a yummy snack. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make healthy food fun. Here are five of our favorite tricks.

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  • The Top 3 Limited-Edition Holiday Beauty Steals
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    The Top 3 Limited-Edition Holiday Beauty Steals

    Luxe products, cheap prices! Keep reading to see the best deals on mega holiday makeup kits. Whether you’re gifting to your best beauty pal or treating yourself, you can score hundreds of dollars in products—all for less than $100!

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  • Best Skin Care at Every Age

    Best Skin Care at Every Age

    Whether you’re in your teens, twenties, thirties, or forties, keep reading to discover your age-group's most common concern and which products you should be using to fix it.

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  • Silver Lining
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    Silver Lining

    Let the icy tones of winter inspire you to try some pretty silver products. Whether you paint your nails a cool gray or create a silvery smoky eye, winter colors look beautiful and sophisticated.

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  • Street Spy: Melissa B.
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    Street Spy: Melissa B.

    A fun new take on lipstick? We had to stop for that! Melissa wears a green shade from her own lipstick brand, The Lip Bar, and a gorgeous swirly updo.

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  • Pretty in Pink Lace
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    Pretty in Pink Lace

    For a fun take on pretty pink nails, why not add some lace? Whether you paint it on with a tiny brush or apply actual strips of fabric, adding lace is a ladylike way to create a fun, girlie manicure.

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  • DIY Cranberry Beauty Recipes

    DIY Cranberry Beauty Recipes

    Have any leftover cranberries from all the Thanksgiving festivities? Learn how to incorporate the extra berries into your beauty routine.

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  • Why We Love Kristen Stewart

    Why We Love Kristen Stewart

    She's set to star alongside Charlize Theron in "Snow White and the Huntsman," just walked the red carpet for the latest "Twilight" film, and is dating heartthrob Rob Pattinson! Here's why we love Kristen Stewart.

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  • Bright Eyed

    Bright Eyed

    Reaching for your usual taupe eye shadow is a given, but how about trying a brighter eye this season? Spicing up your look with a colorful eye shadow (or three!) is a great way to make your makeup a whole lot more fun, and add some cheer to a dull winter day. Look to these three Beauties for inspiration.

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  • Winter Beauty Inspiration

    Winter Beauty Inspiration

    From frosty fingertips to icy blue eyelids, check out some fun ways to include the season's colors and themes in your look.

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  • Glassy Glosses for Winter
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    Glassy Glosses for Winter

    Everyone talks balms and butters when the temperature drops, but what about those who craze mega-dose of dazzle with their moisture? Thees glassy glosses will give you spectacular—never sticky—shine!

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  • Look Younger, Instantly!

    Look Younger, Instantly!

    Serums are great for fighting signs of aging in the long run, but what about looking younger today? Keep reading for our simplest ways to take off years in minutes!

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  • Tips for Capturing a Beautiful Photograph

    Tips for Capturing a Beautiful Photograph

    Are you ready to photograph your work, but don’t know exactly how to make your images more eye-catching? We have some tips that will help you create beautifully put-together shots that rival the pros'. Keep reading to find out what to do!

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  • Holiday Hair Inspiration
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    Holiday Hair Inspiration

    Get inspired by these holiday hairstyles and tips from InStyler celebrity hairstylist Dean Banowetz.

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  • Pretty Things to Be Thankful For

    Pretty Things to Be Thankful For

    Today's the day for food, family, friends...and did we say food? That delicious 20-pound turkey aside, the real meaning of Thanksgiving lies in gratitude. Our editorial team shares what they're thankful for outside and within the beauty world. What’s on your list?

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  • How To Master The Matte Lip
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    How To Master The Matte Lip

    Muah! Red, fuchsia, and peachy-orange shades can look even more eye popping in a matte texture. Keep reading for tips on the perfect way to paint your shine-free pout.

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  • Safe and Natural Makeup Must Haves
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    Safe and Natural Makeup Must Haves

    Natural, eco-friendly makeup not only helps the environment but also contains ingredients that are safe for your body and do wonders for your skin! And if you're going to use a mascara, eye liner, or lip gloss every day, don't you want it to be good for you? Here are our Top 3 natural makeup picks.

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