The Secret To Year-Round Dewy Skin


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Dry skin and a dull complexion can make you feel like a scaly dragon in the wintertime. Harsh conditions make it hard to maintain the luminous, dewy skin that we associate with a healthy lifestyle and the precious years of youth. A clear, vibrant complexion (like you have your own personal spotlight!) was also a huge trend on the spring/summer catwalks. That gorgeous fresh-faced look can be extra hard to mimic when it's cold outside, so we spoke with Revlon’s global artistic director Gucci Westman for some tips on how to create that heavenly glow.

Gucci Westman’s Glow-Getting Secrets

1. Exfoliate Your Skin!

A polished surface always reflects more light (and glow!) than a flaky complexion. "For your skin to be dewy, it needs to be smooth. I recommend daily exfoliation," advises Gucci, who uses Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant on herself. "Look at men! They exfoliate and shave every day, and their skin glows!" Be sure you don't use an exfoliator that’s too harsh, as too much scrubbing can unbalance your skin’s natural oils. It's also essential to hydrate your body. We often forget to drink water in the wintertime, and overdosing on hot tea or coffee can zap your skin of moisture. "I drink coconut water from Harmless Harvest or Organic Avenue,” reveals Gucci. “The Harmless Harvest one is so fresh the coconut water actually looks pink!”

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2. Use a primer

A primer will make your pores look smaller, fill in fine lines, and smooth rough textures. Once you’ve perfected your base you can layer on products that will give you an extra glow, such as a highlighter. “If you prep your skin with a tinted primer, you may not even need to put on foundation,” says Gucci.

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3. Add a highlight

When a model struts onto the catwalk at a fashion show, you can't help but notice her high cheekbones and radiant complexion. Makeup artists use a myriad of products backstage to achieve this striking effect, such as applying Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream for extra shine. “I like to use Egyptian Magic on the cheekbones to make skin look dewier,” says Gucci. These translucent creams apply shine without any color or shimmer, and blend seamlessly into the skin. Lighten up on the translucent powder and thick foundation if you like this dewy look, and swipe a luminizing cream or highlighter on top of your makeup to accentuate the areas where light hits your face.

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