My Little Pony Meets Melrose Avenue


Few people who grew up in the '80s and '90s can deny owning at least one My Little Pony. Even though it's one of the original cult-favorite toys (before Furby and Beanie Babies), MLP's style fits in with the colorful looks that are all around us today. Hasbro recently launched My Little Pony Project: Friendship is Magic, a charitable art exhibition in Los Angeles, and asked a number of our favorite artists to interpret Pony sculptures with their own unique flair.

On May 5th, Melrose turned magical as numerous galleries and shops participated with opening receptions for their My Little Pony exhibitions. We spotted Beautylish besties Sugarpill Cosmetics and artist Malcolm Stuart, each with their own interpretations of the magically maned creatures.

At Toy Art Gallery's event, curated by Sweet Streets, Sugarpill Cosmetics co-founder and creative director Kevin Marburg displayed his gorgeous digital My Little Pony collage. The Lolita-esque piece was so well-received that it was chosen to promote the exhibition!

Meanwhile, more MLP fans gathered outside of Joyrich L.A. for the unveiling of the shop's own My Little Pony, created by artist Malcolm Stuart. He collaborated with Joyrich to design the amazing La Ponique Magnifique. "I’m an artist who employs a measured and selective dose of pop culture, but with a strong leaning toward the wild and strange," said Malcolm that evening. "With Joyrich, I feel like I get to be myself, which is super cool."

With a pink-to-sky blue curly mane and a beaded, braided tail to match, this Pony is on point! For accessories she has a thick gold chain with a Joyrich nameplate and is adorned with roses and other citrusy, summer highlights to match a print from the latest Joyrich collection. La Ponique Magnifique's eyeshadow look is inspired by a tropical sunset statement eye that Malcolm found on Beautylish!

Check out more photos from Joyrich L.A. My Little Pony event below!

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