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BeautySoClean is one of our most essential kit components. With BeautySoClean, all it takes is about 10 seconds to get cosmetics clean, bacteria-free, and safe—and the process won’t change the way a product works.

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How to Clean Your Makeup!

Have you ever wondered how clean (or dirty) your makeup is? We already know makeup counter testing samples are a breeding ground for who-knows-what, but what about the stuff we use everyday at home? Cosmetics have a shelf life, and even before their expiration date, products can grow bacteria—which in turn can cause irritation and even infections on your skin, eyes, etc.

That's why we love BeautySoClean's chemical-free makeup sanitizers, which are easy to use and loved by pros. Incorporating them into your routine will help ensure safer products and healthier skin. Here, we explain how to use the line—which won't dry out cosmetics—to keep different types of products bacteria-free and safe.

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