The Candy Collective


Are you ready for the sweetest beauty treat since cupcake nails? Say hello to the latest crop of candy-coated beauty, fresh from the factory!


by Olga B.

The dappled, colorful texture of Olga’s face-framing texture look just like the tangy, micro-rocks we downed as kids.


by Tereska S.

Tereska’s chromatic nails hit the Skittles mark! Vibrant, color-blocked bands touch upon the whole Roy G. Biv spectrum. Can you taste the rainbow?


by Sirena S.

Everyone owned a golf ball-sized jawbreaker at some point in their childhood. Unlike the eponymous film, however, these hard-coated nails let you enjoy the washed out, speckled look without the choking hazard.


by Claire H.

There’s nothing sour about this amazing visual, courtesy of Claire’s dessert-influenced styling. Edible sprinkles, candy chokers, and a gigantic lollipop all make this Willy Wonka-approved shot shine!


by Nicole M.

Psychedelic sugar! Nicole’s perfectly stamped, white and flushed red manicure immediately conjures the peppermint candy to mind.