• MAC Fashionflower Collection

    MAC Fashionflower Collection

    MAC launches Fashionflower, a collection of creamy pastels and dazzling sparkles! Set to launch April 28, 2011 in North America and July 2011 internationally at all MAC stores, this collection is a blooming inspiration of color! Keep reading for a look at more photos and descriptions of the limited edition MAC Fashionflower collection.

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  • Sneak Peek: bareMinerals Pretty Amazing Lip Color
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    Sneak Peek: bareMinerals Pretty Amazing Lip Color

    Beautylish got a sneak peek at the Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Pretty Amazing Lip Color, set to launch May 12th! Keep reading for the inside scoop and our favorites.

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  • CND Summer 2011 Nail Trends
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    CND Summer 2011 Nail Trends

    Check out CND's Summer 2011 nail trend forecast to see what you'll be wearing on your fingers and toes this summer.

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  • Pantene Bottles Use Plant-Based Plastic

    Pantene Bottles Use Plant-Based Plastic

    The first containers of Pantene to use plant-based plastic shipped to Western Europe this month. Procter & Gamble is gradually beginning to replace petroleum-based Pantene bottles with containers that use plant-based plastic (sourced from sugarcane).

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  • Splurge or Save: Cotton Pads

    Splurge or Save: Cotton Pads

    Cotton pads are used daily to apply, tone, and remove products on our skin. The price range for these little cotton fluffs can vary, but are they really worth the extra money? We find out whether or not you should be shelling out the extra cash for these disposable beauty staples.

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  • Royal Wedding Minx Nails

    Royal Wedding Minx Nails

    In anticipation of Prince William and Kate Middleton's big day, we've seen a big trend of enthusiasts creating Royal Wedding inspired products like nail decals and lip glosses. Now Minx has gotten in on the English spirit of it all! We're not too sure if these chromed nails are for jokes only but we're intrigued!

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  • Differences: Cotton Rounds, Squares & Balls

    Differences: Cotton Rounds, Squares & Balls

    What exactly is the difference between cotton rounds, squares and balls? They're all made from cotton and do the same thing, right? We get the scoop from Wendy Glancy of U.S. Cotton, on which products are best for certain beauty tasks.

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  • Best Orange Lipsticks for Under $10!

    Best Orange Lipsticks for Under $10!

    Orange is the on trend color for 2011. But that doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune to sport a beautiful bright orange lip this season. Beautylish reveals the top 3 orange lipsticks for less.

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  • Tina Turnbow's Top Eco-Friendly Beauty Picks!

    Tina Turnbow's Top Eco-Friendly Beauty Picks!

    Beautylish chats with celebrity makeup artist and green beauty guru, Tina Turnbow, about her favorite green beauty items this Spring. Keep reading to see which products made the cut!

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  • Kandee Johnson Prom Beauty Contest

    Kandee Johnson Prom Beauty Contest

    Earlier this week, we got to chat all things prom beauty with YouTube guru and blogger Kandee Johnson. We decided to team up and giveaway Kandee's favorite black-tie makeup to one lucky Beautylish reader! Keep reading to see how you can enter to win Kandee's prom essentials!

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  • Does a good massage have to hurt?

    Does a good massage have to hurt?

    When it comes to massage, does the motto "no pain, no gain" come to mind? Beautylish asks the best massage therapist in Los Angeles why a little pain is good and how to tell if it's too much.

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  • NYC Spring Trend Preview Highlights

    NYC Spring Trend Preview Highlights 

    We hosted our third and final 2011 Spring Trend Preview in New York City on April 9th. Here, some lovely Beauties reveal the highlights from that fabulous evening of cupcakes and cocktails. See what they have to say about the event!

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  • City-Centric Shampoos

    City-Centric Shampoos

    From climate to tap water, where you live can have a major effect on the condition of your hair. For shiny, silky, and healthy hair every day, here's one company that's creating shampoos that are custom-tailored to your city's conditions.

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  • What does a real life Barbie look like?
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    What does a real life Barbie look like?

    If you're thinking Heidi Montag is a real-life Barbie, she's relatively normal-looking in comparison to the life-size model Gail Slayen built (based on the Barbie doll's proportions) to raise awareness about eating disorders. Keep reading for more about this distorted yet idealized body image.

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  • CND Shellac Nails
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    CND Shellac Nails

    While in New York last week, some Beautylish team members headed to Bliss Spa on 57th Street to try the CND Shellac manicure. Here's the scoop on the UV experience and whether or not we think it's worth it.

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  • Prom Beauty Talk with Kandee Johnson

    Prom Beauty Talk with Kandee Johnson

    YouTube Beauty Guru Kandee Johnson doles out prom hair and makeup advice, reminisces about her prom and reveals her regrets from the big night. Also, check out the adorable photo of Kandee at her own prom!

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  • MAC Surf, Baby! Collection

    MAC Surf, Baby! Collection

    Grab a board, hop in the Jeep, cruise the Pacific Coast Highway... Surf’s up! Check out MAC's new summer collection inspired by all things bohemian and beachy! Keep reading for photos and descriptions.

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  • Red Moon Manicure on Rihanna
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    Red Moon Manicure on Rihanna 

    Rihanna rocked her red moon manicure during her performance on American Idol and at the Coachella Music Festival this past weekend. Get the inside scoop on how celebrity manicurist Kimmie Kyees gave her the fabulous and dramatic manicure!

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  • Hairstyling Secrets from William & Kate, the movie
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    Hairstyling Secrets from William & Kate, the movie

    RaMona Fleetwood shares her hairstyling secrets from the much anticipated Lifetime TV release of William and Kate. With the Royal Wedding taking place on April 29, 2011, the love story of their romance was filmed in Los Angeles with Nico Evers-Swindell as Prince William and Camilla Luddington portraying Kate Middleton. Keep reading how to recreate the royal wedding look!

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  • How To Beauty: Scalp Facial
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    How To Beauty: Scalp Facial

    For beautiful, healthy hair, you need to get the root of hair problems: the scalp. A simple, easy scalp facial can help treat problems such as dandruff, scalp acne, hair thinning, and itchiness, while adding volume and shine to your hairstyle.

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