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  • Kandee Johnson Prom Beauty Contest

    Kandee Johnson Prom Beauty Contest

    Earlier this week, we got to chat all things prom beauty with YouTube guru and blogger Kandee Johnson. We decided to team up and giveaway Kandee's favorite black-tie makeup to one lucky Beautylish reader! Keep reading to see how you can enter to win Kandee's prom essentials!

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  • Does a good massage have to hurt?

    Does a good massage have to hurt?

    When it comes to massage, does the motto "no pain, no gain" come to mind? Beautylish asks the best massage therapist in Los Angeles why a little pain is good and how to tell if it's too much.

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  • NYC Spring Trend Preview Highlights

    NYC Spring Trend Preview Highlights 

    We hosted our third and final 2011 Spring Trend Preview in New York City on April 9th. Here, some lovely Beauties reveal the highlights from that fabulous evening of cupcakes and cocktails. See what they have to say about the event!

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  • City-Centric Shampoos

    City-Centric Shampoos

    From climate to tap water, where you live can have a major effect on the condition of your hair. For shiny, silky, and healthy hair every day, here's one company that's creating shampoos that are custom-tailored to your city's conditions.

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  • What does a real life Barbie look like?
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    What does a real life Barbie look like?

    If you're thinking Heidi Montag is a real-life Barbie, she's relatively normal-looking in comparison to the life-size model Gail Slayen built (based on the Barbie doll's proportions) to raise awareness about eating disorders. Keep reading for more about this distorted yet idealized body image.

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  • CND Shellac Nails
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    CND Shellac Nails

    While in New York last week, some Beautylish team members headed to Bliss Spa on 57th Street to try the CND Shellac manicure. Here's the scoop on the UV experience and whether or not we think it's worth it.

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  • Prom Beauty Talk with Kandee Johnson

    Prom Beauty Talk with Kandee Johnson

    YouTube Beauty Guru Kandee Johnson doles out prom hair and makeup advice, reminisces about her prom and reveals her regrets from the big night. Also, check out the adorable photo of Kandee at her own prom!

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  • MAC Surf, Baby! Collection

    MAC Surf, Baby! Collection

    Grab a board, hop in the Jeep, cruise the Pacific Coast Highway... Surf’s up! Check out MAC's new summer collection inspired by all things bohemian and beachy! Keep reading for photos and descriptions.

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  • Red Moon Manicure on Rihanna
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    Red Moon Manicure on Rihanna 

    Rihanna rocked her red moon manicure during her performance on American Idol and at the Coachella Music Festival this past weekend. Get the inside scoop on how celebrity manicurist Kimmie Kyees gave her the fabulous and dramatic manicure!

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  • Hairstyling Secrets from William & Kate, the movie
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    Hairstyling Secrets from William & Kate, the movie

    RaMona Fleetwood shares her hairstyling secrets from the much anticipated Lifetime TV release of William and Kate. With the Royal Wedding taking place on April 29, 2011, the love story of their romance was filmed in Los Angeles with Nico Evers-Swindell as Prince William and Camilla Luddington portraying Kate Middleton. Keep reading how to recreate the royal wedding look!

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  • How To Beauty: Scalp Facial
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    How To Beauty: Scalp Facial

    For beautiful, healthy hair, you need to get the root of hair problems: the scalp. A simple, easy scalp facial can help treat problems such as dandruff, scalp acne, hair thinning, and itchiness, while adding volume and shine to your hairstyle.

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  • Eco-Friendly Makeup Brushes

    Eco-Friendly Makeup Brushes

    Greening your beauty routine is a year-round initiative, but it's especially important during Earth month. Give your makeup kit a more sustainable makeover with inexpensive eco-friendly brushes that perform like the rest!

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  • DIY Beauty: Strawberry Face Masks
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    DIY Beauty: Strawberry Face Masks

    Face masks are a great way to feed your skin healthy antioxidants. Here are three strawberry masks that can help cleanse, exfoliate and brighten your skin.

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  • Spotlight On: Mandy Rain

    Spotlight On: Mandy Rain

    Once the lead singer of the Nickelodeon's all-girl group School Gyrls (under Nick Cannon production company NCredible Entertainment), Mandy Rain is now working on her first solo album. Check out Beautylish's exclusive Q&A with Mandy as she chats about her beauty and skincare regimen!

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  • 3 Products You Need from the Health Food Store
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    3 Products You Need from the Health Food Store 

    Think the market is just for fruit, veggies, and food? Think again! Click to learn about three must-have beauty products available right from your local health-food store.

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  • Eco Update: Beauty Product Recycling
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    Eco Update: Beauty Product Recycling

    Ever wonder what happens to your hair gel tube or mascara wand after you're done with them? Well, thanks to a new initiative, they no longer have to go in the trash. Garnier is partnering up with TerraCycle to ensure that all beauty packaging can be recycled—for free! Now that's a beautiful thing.

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  • Take 10 Years Off Your Face with the Right Makeup

    Take 10 Years Off Your Face with the Right Makeup

    As women age, they lose firmness, definition, and color in their face. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks that take years off without going under the knife. We've rounded up three essential products you need to own in your kit.

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  • Beauty Remorse: Nail Breakage
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    Beauty Remorse: Nail Breakage

    We've all broken and split our nails before, in countless different ways. But with these tips, you can repair your nail and keep it healthy, instead of just ripping off the nail (ouch!) or sticking on a Band-Aid while it grows out.

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  • San Francisco Sephora Beauty Executive Switches to HSN
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    San Francisco Sephora Beauty Executive Switches to HSN

    HSN, a leading interactive multi-channel retailer, announced earlier this week that Betsy Olum, former Sephora Senior Vice President of Marketing, has been appointed General Manager of Beauty and Merchandising Strategy, effective the week of April 11th.

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  • Carol's Daughter Announces New Spokespeople

    Carol's Daughter Announces New Spokespeople

    Carol's Daughter announced Selita Ebanks, Solange Knowles (Beyoncé's sister), and Cassie as the brand's new spokespeople today. Here's more info about this exciting new partnership.

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