The Best Body-Firming Creams


Valua Vitaly/Shutterstock.comWarmer weather ushers in a wave of skin-showing outfits including swimwear. We believe every body is a bikini body, so don your favorite suit and get to splashing around.

But if you feel you’d like to address a few skin concerns before dropping the sarong, we can help. This lineup of creams harnesses the power of hydration to firm skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and tone up without lifting a finger. Here are 4 formulas that actually work.

Best for cellulite reduction:

Augustinus Bader The Body Cream, $110

When a body cream is packed with over 40 ingredients that help firm, tone, and promote cellular renewal, it’s worth the hefty price tag. Just ask the participants who tested this multi-award-winning cream in a 12-week cellulite reduction study. 92% of the participants agreed the product helped reduce the appearance of cellulite, while 98% said skin felt firmer and plumper after use. But don’t take their word for it. Try out the intensely conditioning formula to see an improvement in tone and texture.

Best for firming dry skin:

Herbivore Cloud Milk Coconut + Maca Firming Body Cream, $40

Dry skin needs a rich, yet non-greasy formula for added plumpness and comfortable nourishment—because who needs stickiness on top of warm weather perspiration? Fatty acid-packed coconut coupled with firming maca absorb instantly to smooth and strengthen even the driest skin on your body.

Best for resculpting aging skin:

Sisley-Paris Sislëya L’Intégral Anti-Âge Concentrated Firming Body Cream, $450

With the effectiveness of a serum and the velvetiness of a cream, this supercharged formula addresses concerns of sagginess and loss of tone. As we age, the layer of skin known as the dermis loses elasticity. Backed by extensive research by the brand, this Sisley-Paris cream’s three plant-based key ingredients (soy fiber, dill, and padina pavonica extracts) strengthen the dermal structure to drastically improve skin firmness over time. However, you won’t have to wait to see toned results. Once applied, the cream provides a unique sheathing effect, where a natural, elastic mesh forms on the surface of the skin for an instant, shapely lift.

Best overall for toning:

Susanne Kaufmann Toning Body Cream, $190

Skin has no choice but to bounce back when faced with a bioactive complex of caffeine, tiger grass, and boldo (a.k.a what makes up Susanne Kaufmann’s patented ingredient Pro Contur). This Pro Contur-infused body cream stimulates skin’s metabolism, supports collagen production, and tightens connective tissue—it’s kind of like a skin workout. To best activate the ingredients, apply the cream generously after dry brushing to enhance newfound elasticity.