The Best Body-Firming Creams


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Warmer weather means longer days, pretty dresses and inevitably, more skin on display. Hitting the gym and watching what you eat are essential to getting bikini-ready, but did you know you can get some extra help along the way? There are plenty of body firming, cellulite reducing creams guaranteed to work small miracles, but which ones actually produce instant results? Beautylish's Tara road tested tons of formulas and discovered three that actually work.

1 Clarins Stretch Mark Control

No one likes the look of silvery white stretch mark lines, and many Beauties can be embarrassed by them—including me! I've been using this formula on my décolletage for over three months and noticed a significant difference. The crowberry extract and caffeine work to lessen the appearance of stretch marks and my skin even feels a little more lifted!

2 Murad Firm & Tone Serum and Body Firming Cream

You'll feel like a bathroom alchemist mixing these two products together, but your hot, taut bod will thank you for it! I tried this out on my most stubborn area—the stomach—and am still surprised to see tighter skin every day. I'm thanking the combination of horse chestnut tree extract, tiger's herb and cayenne pepper—which helps your circulation! Committing to these products is pricey and time consuming (you need to apply them twice a day–vigilantly!), but I noticed a significant difference in only a week.

3 Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20

If you're looking for instant skin perfection, this formula is for you. It moisturizes (with ingredients such as jojoba oil and marine extracts), tightens, and depending on which color you choose, gives you a light glow. Paired with SPF 20, this cream is sure to be a top summer must-have. I prefer this particular formulas on my legs and thighs for leaner looking stems with a hint of tint!

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