• Hard Candy Fall 2011 Lineup
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    Hard Candy Fall 2011 Lineup

    Need some new drugstore favorites? Check out the latest items from Hard Candy's Fall 2011 lineup!

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  • Beauty Myth: Does Your Hair Grow Faster In The Summer?
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    Beauty Myth: Does Your Hair Grow Faster In The Summer?

    Have you heard the myth that your hair grows faster in the summer? We speak with Philip Kingsley trichologist Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips on the matter. Keep reading to find out if the myth is true!

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  • Coconut Oil

    Coconut Oil

    Everyone is going crazy about coconut water, but did you know that coconut oil is a great option for your skin? Beautylish's Wafi grew up using coconut oil for moisturizing for the body and hair and reveals that this tropical fruit can do much more than simply quench your thirst.

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  • Stylish Vintage Sun Blockers
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    Stylish Vintage Sun Blockers

    Have you thought about other ways to shield your skin from the sun besides sunscreen? We present three accessory alternatives to block the rays—after the SPF, of course.

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  • Best Body Oils

    Best Body Oils

    Body oils are a beautiful and luxurious way to look after your skin, and ensure that it is moisturized as well as smelling divine. Come fall, it pays to start using a body oil every evening after you shower.

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  • Need to Wake Up?

    Need to Wake Up?

    With the world moving at a faster pace almost every day, it doesn't pay to look tired when you wake up in the morning! Luckily, there are certain beauty products that can help energize your face and body.

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  • Blush and Bronzer Tips
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    Blush and Bronzer Tips

    Too much blush and the wrong shade of bronzer can completely ruin your look. We chat with New York City-based makeup artist Susie Sobol about her top tips for blush and bronzer so we can all apply like pros.

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  • Street Spy: Kelly N.
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    Street Spy: Kelly N.

    Beautylish hits the streets to discover the hair, makeup, and skin care secrets of real Beauties just like you!

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  • Beauty Library: Fall Beauty Book Preview
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    Beauty Library: Fall Beauty Book Preview

    It's difficult to pull yourself away from the computer (trust us!), but sometimes it's nice to let your eyes take a breather from the screen and onto paper. Check out three fascinating beauty books all launching this fall!

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  • Tousled Hair How Tos

    Tousled Hair How Tos

    These Beautylish Beauties show you how to get your long flowy hair perfectly tousled-looking—so fabulous!

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  • Sugar Factory Violent Lips!
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    Sugar Factory Violent Lips!

    Bold lip line Violent Lips has teamed up with the ultimate sweet company, Sugar Factory, to create limited edition candy-inspired temporary lip tattoos. Keep reading for more info and photos!

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  • The Best Beauty Packing Tips
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    The Best Beauty Packing Tips

    Taking a mini break over the weekend or heading somewhere exciting for the last month of summer? It's always hard to decide which beauty products to pack so we've put together a list of great items to take on the plane.

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  • New NYX Cosmetics Lip Plumper

    New NYX Cosmetics Lip Plumper

    NYX Cosmetics has released a new lip plumper so that you can have lips like Angelina Jolie, sans surgery!

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  • How To Use Nude Eye Liner
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    How To Use Nude Eye Liner

    Black pencil can help define the eyes, but sometimes it can also make small eyes look even smaller. Beautylish's Undercover Beauty Agent names her favorite nude liners that help create a baby-doll effect that's guaranteed to make eyes look bigger and brighter.

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  • Attention Grabbers for Video Tutorials

    Attention Grabbers for Video Tutorials

    Just as people judge a book by it's cover, we do the same with video tutorials. The only difference is instead of looking at a front cover, we're watching the first 10 seconds. We have some tips to keep the viewer tuned in for your entire video!

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  • Road Test: Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex

    Road Test: Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex

    Beautylish Beauty Director Ning accepts the Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex 14-day challenge. Keep reading to find out how Ning's crow's feet and forehead wrinkles fared after two weeks of using the anti-aging cream day and night (because you can't have real life photoshop-ed like your pictures).

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  • Which Vitamins Should You Take?

    Which Vitamins Should You Take?

    Wondering if you should take supplements to improve the health of your hair, skin and nails? We spoke to New York City-based dermatologist Dr. Barbara Reed to find out which vitamins actually work.

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  • Beautylish Social Experiment: Nightlife Looks

    Beautylish Social Experiment: Nightlife Looks

    Getting all dolled up can affect the way you attract and get responses from others. What we think will grab someone's attention may not work at all. Beautylish's Jasmine takes nightlife beauty to the test.

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  • Why We Love Leighton Meester
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    Why We Love Leighton Meester

    The star of "Gossip Girl" and recent "Monte Carlo" knows how to experiment with a bright lip or smoky eye. Here's why we love Leighton Meester.

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  • Best Facial Sunscreens

    Best Facial Sunscreens

    Just because fall's just around the corner doesn't mean you should stop using sunscreen! The sun causes the most aging and damage to your skin, so it makes sense to invest in a product that will protect it year-round. Here are our Top 3 facial sunscreens.

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