• Beautylish Social Experiment: Nightlife Looks

    Beautylish Social Experiment: Nightlife Looks

    Getting all dolled up can affect the way you attract and get responses from others. What we think will grab someone's attention may not work at all. Beautylish's Jasmine takes nightlife beauty to the test.

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  • Why We Love Leighton Meester
    • 73

    Why We Love Leighton Meester

    The star of "Gossip Girl" and recent "Monte Carlo" knows how to experiment with a bright lip or smoky eye. Here's why we love Leighton Meester.

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  • Best Facial Sunscreens

    Best Facial Sunscreens

    Just because fall's just around the corner doesn't mean you should stop using sunscreen! The sun causes the most aging and damage to your skin, so it makes sense to invest in a product that will protect it year-round. Here are our Top 3 facial sunscreens.

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  • Best Botox-Free Alternatives

    Best Botox-Free Alternatives

    Looking to erase your wrinkles without subjecting yourself to needles or knives? Don't worry, Botox and face lifts aren't the only treatments that can turn back time. Here are Beautylish's Top 3 picks for fighting fine lines, from skin care to makeup.

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  • Loathe or Love: Magnetic Nail Polish

    Loathe or Love: Magnetic Nail Polish

    Our favorite find from Cosmoprof was hands-down magnetic nail polish. Not sure how it works? Read on to see beauty and science in action, and then tell us if you loathe or love the effect.

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  • Makeup Inspiration: Sunset Eyes

    Makeup Inspiration: Sunset Eyes

    Take inspiration from nature and add a splash of color to your face. Check out these three tutorials on how to translate that beautiful sunset to your eye makeup.

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  • New Chanel N˚19 Poudré

    New Chanel N˚19 Poudré

    Chanel is releasing a new version of the classic Chanel N˚19 fragrance. It's still in the same beautiful bottle and the same jade green color, but it's a completely new scent. Keep reading to find out more!

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  • DIY Solid Perfume

    DIY Solid Perfume

    Solid perfume is a popular and travel-friendly way to smell amazing 24-7. Try this DIY recipe and customize your own fragrance for on-the-go aromatics!

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  • Best Celebrity Hairstyles
    • 305

    Best Celebrity Hairstyles

    We love to follow their every move and analyze their fashion and beauty choices. Here we showcase the stars with the best hair in Hollywood!

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  • New Anti-Wrinkle Ingredients
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    New Anti-Wrinkle Ingredients

    Botox and plastic surgery aren't the only ways to get rid of your wrinkles. Skin creams have made vast improvements in the past few years as scientists discover exciting new anti-aging ingredients. Keep an eye out for peptides, which are wrinkle-fighting powerhouses. Here's how they work and why you need to start using them tonight (yes, tonight!).

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  • Which Cleanser is Right For You?

    Which Cleanser is Right For You?

    Choosing the right face wash can be tough. With so many on the market, it's often hard to distinguish which formula is right for your skin type. We spoke to NYC-based dermatologist Dr. Cheryl Karcher to find out which cleanser is best for you.

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  • Australian Beauty Brands Take Over!

    Australian Beauty Brands Take Over!

    At Cosmoprof North America, we spied some beauty brands from Down Under making their way up into the American market. Keep an eye on these three Australian hair and makeup must-haves.

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  • Orly Birds of Feather Fall Collection

    Orly Birds of Feather Fall Collection

    Orly introduces avian-inspired colors this fall with their Birds of a Feather Collection. Dazzling metallic shades pair with sophisticated neutral lacquers that give a twist on standard fall hues. Keep reading to see the full-feathered range!

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  • Zoe Gets Botox

    Zoe Gets Botox

    Ever wondered what it's like to get injected with Botox? Does it hurt? Is it really worth the cost? Zoe's in for a surprise when she heads to a Beverly Hills dermatologist's office to get her forehead wrinkles smoothed out with Botox. Check out the video for a play-by-play of her injection experience!

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  • Lea Michele at the "Glee: The 3-D Concert Movie" Premiere

    Lea Michele at the "Glee: The 3-D Concert Movie" Premiere

    Lea Michele looked sleek, polished and glamorous on the red carpet at the premiere of "Glee: the 3D Movie Premiere." Find out how Dove celebrity hair stylist Mark Townsend created her glam slicked back ponytail.

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  • Anne Hathaway at the "One Day" Premiere
    • 15

    Anne Hathaway at the "One Day" Premiere

    Doesn't Anne Hathaway look gorgeous? To compliment the actress' stunning Alexander McQueen dress, Chanel celebrity makeup artist Kate Lee kept her face fresh, young and playful (so the focus was on Anne's beautiful alabaster complexion). Keep reading to find out how Kate created this makeup look.

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  • Polishing Your Video Frame

    Polishing Your Video Frame

    Even if you're recording a video in your bedroom, there are ways to make your tutorial look polished and clean. We have a couple of tips to get you making videos like the pros!

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  • Trend: Nautical Navy Nails

    Trend: Nautical Navy Nails

    Summer's nautical trend continues well into fall with navy manicures and polish! Wear your navy nails matte, shiny, or add sparkling appliqués—the choice is yours!

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  • L'Occitane's New Aromachologie Hair Care
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    L'Occitane's New Aromachologie Hair Care

    Luxurious French brand L'Occitane has introduced a new hair care collection, Aromachologie, featuring products formulated with natural ingredients and essential oils. Keep reading to find out more!

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  • Joico Summer Hair Repair Giveaway
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    Joico Summer Hair Repair Giveaway

    Beauties, we're gradually shifting to fall and your hair has been through enough! Not to worry, we've got the perfect kit for you. We're teaming up with hair experts Joico to give away three sets of summer hair repair must-haves. Keep reading to find out how to enter!

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