• Cartoon Beauty Awards

    Cartoon Beauty Awards

    Do you remember watching your favorite childhood cartoons and staring at the makeup on female characters? We do too. That’s why we’ve rounded up our 10 favorite cartoon makeup mavens. See which of your best-loved illustrated all-stars made the cut!

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  • Sienna Miller Makeup, International Medical Corps Annual Awards

    Sienna Miller Makeup, International Medical Corps Annual Awards

    Far from her boho days, Sienna Miller looked elegant and chic at the International Medical Corps Annual Awards. Keep reading to find out how makeup artist Molly R. Stern created the look.

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  • Celebrity Inspiration: Minimal Makeup

    Celebrity Inspiration: Minimal Makeup

    Keep reading to see which stars dared to go bare on the red carpet.

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  • Holiday Feasting Survival Guide

    Holiday Feasting Survival Guide

    With so many family gatherings and holiday parties, November is when eating lots of warm, filling, heavy food is inevitable. Sure, winter's a great time to indulge and eat a little more than usual, but what happens come summer when you're trying to fit into your bikini? We spoke with celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder and nutrition and fitness expert Melissa Paris for some tips on how to eat wisely during the holidays.

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  • Why We Love Lauren Conrad

    Why We Love Lauren Conrad

    She was the star of "The Hills" but has since made a name for herself with several novels, a beauty website, her own clothing line (called Paper Crown), and a book on personal style. Now, the young entrepreneur is launching a book about beauty, and we can't wait to read it!

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  • Notice Me Neon!
    • 243

    Notice Me Neon!

    While the colder weather can send us scurrying inside to cocoa and warm blankets, it doesn't mean your makeup has to get dark and dreary too! Bright neon colors get your energy flowing and remind you that summer will come again. Here are some Beauties who are inspiring us this week.

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  • What He Really Thinks About Your Makeup

    What He Really Thinks About Your Makeup

    You may think that wearing a full face of makeup like a Kardashian will win you more love (however fleeting), but most men will disagree. Beautylish hits the street again to find out just what men think about beauty and what they consider too much. Keep reading to see how they feel about what kind of cosmetics they prefer to see on you.

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  • Cat Eye Roundup
    • 431

    Cat Eye Roundup

    Want to learn how to create a cat eye with your liner? The style got popular in the '60s, is making a huge comeback with singers like Adele, and had plenty of coverage on the fall/winter runways. Here, three Beauties show you how to achieve the look.

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  • Counter Confidential: Global Beauty

    Counter Confidential: Global Beauty 

    Ever feel insecure about your features? In some cultures, they may be considered beautiful. Our Undercover Beauty Agent dishes about her international clients.

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  • How a Victoria's Secret Supermodel Preps for the Fashion Show

    How a Victoria's Secret Supermodel Preps for the Fashion Show

    Some of the world’s most gorgeous women will walk in the Victoria’s Secret runway show tonight (although most won’t see it until it airs on CBS on November 29). Doutzen Kroes has donned angel wings for Victoria’s Secret more than a few times. We sat down with the supermodel to talk about her body after a baby, skin care, and getting ready to walk in front of millions of people in nothing more than your underwear.

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  • The New Tattoos

    The New Tattoos

    Tattoos aren't so taboo anymore. Beautylish explores the prettiest new trends in body art.

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  • Beautylish's Favorite New Products

    Beautylish's Favorite New Products

    Here at Beautylish HQ we love to try new beauty products, and luckily, that's our job! Finding out the latest and greatest is all in a day’s work for the Beautylish team, but occasionally something magical passes through our office, and we get hooked! Here are our favorite buys that we tested last month.

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  • What's Your Ideal Hair Color?

    What's Your Ideal Hair Color?

    Are you dumbfounded when it comes to hair color? Learn insightful tips, tricks, and trends from Clairol color director and celebrity colorist Marie Robinson!

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  • Be Nice To Your Makeup
    • 295

    Be Nice To Your Makeup

    We poke, we prod, we smudge—sometimes, we’re downright rude to our precious products. But bad beauty manners no more! Learn tips and tricks to treat your makeup and skin care products with a little more respect.

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  • Peacock Inspiration

    Peacock Inspiration

    Exotic, beautiful, and unique, peacocks provide a slew of inspiring colors and designs. Check out a few of our favorite looks inspired by the feathered friend.

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  • Beauty Mood Board: Semiprecious Pretty

    Beauty Mood Board: Semiprecious Pretty

    Crystalline, faceted, and gorgeous—this week, the Beautylish editorial team is loving mineralized makeup. Learn more and let nature’s prettiest products inspire your next look.

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  • Olivia Munn Makeup and Hair, Levi's Spring 2012 Collection

    Olivia Munn Makeup and Hair, Levi's Spring 2012 Collection

    Olivia Munn rocked loose curls and a glowing, golden complexion at Levi's Spring 2012 Collection event in New York City. Keep reading to see how to achieve the look.

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  • Amy Adams Makeup, LACMA Inaugural Art and Film Gala

    Amy Adams Makeup, LACMA Inaugural Art and Film Gala

    Amy Adams was a picture of perfection at the LACMA Inaugural Art and Film Gala. Her stunning Gucci dress was complimented with wavy hair and golden, natural makeup. Keep reading to find out how makeup artist Stephen Solllitto created her look.

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  • Spice Up Your Neutral Nails
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    Spice Up Your Neutral Nails

    Love a neutral polish color but want to make your nails a little more fun? Adding a second shade, rhinestones, or an interesting pattern can turn a boring manicure into a spectacular one. We look to three Beauties for inspiration.

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  • The Truth About Hormonal Acne

    The Truth About Hormonal Acne

    We all know how frustrating that time of the month can be—cramps, grumpiness, sugar cravings. Add a fresh crop of pimples and life can seem downright depressing. We wanted to find out more about hormonal acne, so we spoke with a dermatologist about what causes it and what you can do to prevent it.

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