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TSA-Approved Beauty Products


Airports are a bustling nightmare in December—the busiest travel time of the year! The biggest holdup? Bag check. To ensure passenger safety, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) enforces strict regulations on which beauty products you can and can't bring onboard. Their packing protocol is easy to follow if you remember these carry-on guidelines:

  1. You’re allowed to pack individual 3.4 ounce containers of liquids, gels, and aerosols. The official chart above says 3 ounces, but we confirmed with TSA that they in fact allow up to 3.4 ounces (100 ml) on the plane.

  2. All toiletries must be placed in one clear quart-size, zip-top bag—one per passenger.

  3. You must declare medically necessary liquids (such as breast milk, baby formula, and insulin) to a security officer prior to boarding.

  4. While technically allowed on the plane, never apply nail polish during your flight! It's inconsiderate and dangerous to other passengers.

  5. If you're not sure about a product, don't pack it! Better to leave it at home than have it confiscated.

  6. If you're still unsure of what to pack, try these three airplane-ready kits and stay stress-free in the security line!


If you don't want to bring your entire bathroom on the plane, try First Aid Beauty's skin kit for your onboard face and body needs. The set contains cleanser, cream, lip balm, and a shave cream for your post-flight shower—all under three ounces. It's already housed in a clear zip-top kit so you can simply grab and go!

FRESH Sugar Obsessions Roller Ball Trio

Travel is stressful (and sometimes sweaty), so it's important to feel fresh and smell good. Since you can't carry a large glass bottle, tote a thin roller ball perfume in your purse instead. We're loving the sugary sweet scents from Fresh's .34-ounce fragrance trio.


Your hair feels climate and air pressure changes more than your skin does when you travel. Luckily, Philip Kingsley's ingenious jet sets make it easy to give your locks TSA-approved TLC. Each kit (eight total for different hair types) is designed to tackle any holiday hair issues. We love their Smooth and Shiny set to fight frizz!