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Anastasia Beverly Hills

We’re completely obsessed with brows! And who better to show us how its done than the queen of brows, Anastasia Soare, brow artist to the stars. Her line of cruelty-free products offers everything you need to whip your brows into shape and keep them where you want them.

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About Anastasia

Anastasia Soare gives insight into how she built her brow empire and how to get perfect brows at home. Her name has become synonymous with brows and her iconic work with Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Oprah Winfrey, and Megan Fox (just to name a few of her very long list of amazing celeb clients) has established her as the premiere expert on brow shape and styling.

Check out :56 where she talks about the relationship of brows to proportion and beauty. And at 3:39 she makes us feel better about over-tweezing our own! There is hope yet!

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