• So You Want a Career in Beauty? Part 3

    So You Want a Career in Beauty? Part 3

    You read Beautylish religiously and love everything about beauty, so what's stopping you from starting a career in your favorite industry? In part three of our four-part series, meet even more seasoned industry pros and discover your career calling in the beauty biz!

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  • How-To: Christian Louboutin-Inspired Nails

    How-To: Christian Louboutin-Inspired Nails

    Can't afford a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps? Replicate the Paris-based brand’s famous red-soles on your fingertips. Keep reading to learn how to create a high fashion manicure that struts its stuff!

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  • Is That Eczema?

    Is That Eczema?

    Is your skin dry, flaky, and itchy? Keep reading to find out the important differences between normal wintertime surface woes and eczema, a common skin disease.

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  • Oats: The Multi-Tasking Energy Grain

    Oats: The Multi-Tasking Energy Grain

    Oats aren't just a yummy breakfast, they also help to keep you fuller for longer, and can be used in a DIY face mask to reduce acne and eczema! Keep reading to find out exactly what this super grain can do for your body and your skin.

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  • 5 Ways To Create a Winter Spa Retreat At Home

    5 Ways To Create a Winter Spa Retreat At Home

    Everyone loves a little indulgence, and relaxing at a hot spa is even more enjoyable in the colder months. But wouldn't it be nice to enjoy the luxury of facials, steam rooms, and heated towels without spending a penny? Keep reading for five ways to turn your house into a winter spa retreat—on the cheap!

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  • Beauty Detox: Gluten-Free Grains

    Beauty Detox: Gluten-Free Grains

    Looking for a lunch that will keep you full for longer and provide your body with plenty of vitamins and nutrients? Say hello to millet! Celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder's recipe for Greek-inspired millet salad is a great way to introduce the gluten-free grain into your diet, and will give you a vitamin and mineral boost!

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  • The $7,000 Facial and More Celeb Skin Care Splurges!

    The $7,000 Facial and More Celeb Skin Care Splurges!

    Award season is in full swing! In addition to swanky soirées, couture gowns, and jaw-dropping jewels, celebrities will be indulging in lavish skin care treatments so they look flawless on the red carpet. Keep reading as we reveal the best—and most expensive!—pampering sessions on the globe. Plus, see how you can win an incredible prize from L’Oréal Paris!

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  • Would You Rock Visible Bobby Pins?
    • 43

    Would You Rock Visible Bobby Pins?

    Traditionally, hairpins were a girl's best-kept secret. However, these once-hidden clips are emerging as a hair statement of their own! Keep reading to see how plain bobby pins are morphing into avant-garde accessories on runways and red carpets.

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  • Best Beauty from the 2012 Golden Globes

    Best Beauty from the 2012 Golden Globes

    Welcome to the winner's circle! Keep reading to see our favorite picks for hair and makeup at this year's Golden Globe Awards.

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  • Body By Kit: 5 Ways To Maximize Your Energy

    Body By Kit: 5 Ways To Maximize Your Energy

    Fitness expert Kit Rich reveals the real reason why kids have so much energy. Keep reading for her tips on how to stay awake longer (without feeling sleepy!) while cutting down your caffeine intake.

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  • Beautylish's Favorite Winter Nail Shades
    • 135

    Beautylish's Favorite Winter Nail Shades

    Here at Beautylish, manicures are a hot topic. We know you share our obsession with nails, so this month we’re showing you exactly which polish shades are on our fingertips this season—and why we love them.

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  • Downsize Your Makeup Essentials By Half
    • 152

    Downsize Your Makeup Essentials By Half

    Whether you’re cleaning out your stash, looking to save a few bucks, or just plain lazy, it’s easy to get glammed up with half the effort. Keep reading for ways to make the most out of just a few makeup essentials.

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  • Resort Makeup Essentials

    Resort Makeup Essentials

    Whether you're off to the Alps or traveling to the tropics, resort beauty season is in full swing. See which beauty must-haves our snow and ski bunnies should pack for a winter getaway.

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  • Time to Learn Your ABCs

    Time to Learn Your ABCs

    Your beauty products and foods are filled with vitamins that are beneficial for your body inside and out. But do you really know what each vitamin does for your health, and the best way to absorb it? Here’s a simple guide that breaks down all the important ABCs.

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  • The Modern Mohawk

    The Modern Mohawk

    What's the best way to add volume to your 'do? Try a mohawk! The spiked strands aren't just for rockers anymore. The edgy effect has now gone mainstream with a slew of chic versions for any hair type. Keep reading to see a few ways you can try the uplifting trend.

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  • Confidence Boosters: Smile Bright!

    Confidence Boosters: Smile Bright! 

    Be confident when you smile, whether you had braces or not. Here are some of our favorite oral hygiene products to keep your smile bright!

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  • Crazy for Bows

    Crazy for Bows

    Do you love bows as much as we do? From Lady Gaga-inspired hairstyles to gift wrapped manis and eye makeup, there are plenty of ways to add a bow to your makeup routine. Keep reading to see three different ways to include these cute accessories in your look.

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  • So You Want a Career in Beauty? Part 2

    So You Want a Career in Beauty? Part 2

    You read Beautylish religiously and love everything about beauty, so what's stopping you from starting a career in your favorite industry? In part two of our series, meet even more inspiring professionals and take the quiz to find out which beauty occupation suits you best!

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  • Spring Beauty Forecast

    Spring Beauty Forecast

    What are the next major hair and makeup trends this year? From lush green nails to glistening locks, we looked to the spring and summer fashion shows to discover which runway styles everyone will be sporting next season.

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  • Hair Secrets From "The Hunger Games"

    Hair Secrets From "The Hunger Games"

    2012's most anticipated movie may still be a few months away, but we couldn't wait to preview of the futuristic beauty looks now! Keep reading for our exclusive interview with Linda Flowers, the lead hairstylist on set, about what Hunger Games fans can expect to see on the silver screen this March.

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