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  • Kate Middleton's Gown Revealed!

    Kate Middleton's Gown Revealed!

    It's finally revealed! Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen. Completely handmade from French Chantilly and English lace, Kate's wedding gown is a piece of art. Keep reading for all the details on how it was created, plus see which jewelry and shoes she's wearing as well.

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  • Vintage Bridal Beauty: European Elegance

    Vintage Bridal Beauty: European Elegance

    We're transporting you back in time for a little royal bridal history. We reminisce on both Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana's bridal legacy and beauty looks. Be sure to view the vintage royal bridal gallery from 18th-20th century Europe!

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  • Pamper Your Hands

    Pamper Your Hands 

    We put our hands through daily battles, exposing them to extreme weather conditions and sun damage. Even everyday activities such as dish washing and exercise can dry them out. Here, Beautylish's tips on how to pamper your hands and keep them feeling soft and looking youthful.

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  • The Secret to Kate Middleton's Shiny Hair
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    The Secret to Kate Middleton's Shiny Hair

    While we're all pondering who designed her dress, we do know what hair products Kate uses to prepare for the big day. As a huge fan of the brand, Kate loves deep conditioning and nourishing her hair with Kérastase. Keep reading to see which products she loves and a bonus photo from the Royal Wedding program shot by Mario Testino.

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  • Spotlight On: Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo Part 1

    Spotlight On: Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo Part 1

    Beautylish chats with pro makeup artist and YouTube Guru Samantha Chapman also known as Pixiwoo. In the first installment of our three-part special, Sam dishes on her new brush line, Real Techniques, and chats about Kate Middleton's wedding beauty predictions!

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  • Safe Brazilian Blowout Alternatives
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    Safe Brazilian Blowout Alternatives

    With all the controversy surrounding Brazilian Blowout keratin treatments, Beautylish decided to research safe, formaldehyde-free hair smoothing alternatives. Keep reading to find out more about Beautylish's Top 3 Brazilian Blowout alternatives.

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  • Exclusive Interview with Blake Lively's Colorist!

    Exclusive Interview with Blake Lively's Colorist!

    Beautylish has an exclusive interview with Blake Lively's hair colorist, Rona O'Connor, on Blake's decision to go red and all the details of the 10 hour hair color transformation!

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  • Jared Leto is New Face of Hugo Boss Fragrance

    Jared Leto is New Face of Hugo Boss Fragrance

    Jordan Catalano's all grown up with a best-selling album (with his band 30 Seconds To Mars) and now a beauty deal! P&G Prestige just announced that Jared Leto will be the face of the new Hugo Boss fragrance: Hugo Just Different. Keep reading for more details about the deal.

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  • Breaking News: Blake Lively Goes Red!

    Breaking News: Blake Lively Goes Red!

    Quintessential California blonde Blake Lively is now seeing red for her role in the upcoming movie "Hick." Keep reading for more info about Blake's red hair transformation and why the new crimson color makes Blake feel like Ariel from "The Little Mermaid."

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  • Michelle Rodriguez' Sexy Side Ponytail
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    Michelle Rodriguez' Sexy Side Ponytail

    Actress Michelle Rodriguez rocked a romantic yet sexy side ponytail last week at the Hollywood premiere of "The Imperialists Are Still Alive!" Olivier Ifergan Atelier stylist Gregory describes how he created this soft and sophisticated hairstyle that's perfect for prom or a wedding.

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  • Splurge or Save: Cuticle Care
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    Splurge or Save: Cuticle Care

    Your cuticles are constantly craving moisture, but is there really a difference between high end oils and their DIY counterpart? Beautylish lets you know whether you need to splurge or save for cuticle cream.

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  • What is Argan Oil?
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    What is Argan Oil?

    From the cult favorite hair product Moroccan Oil to Josie Maran's must-have makeup, Argan Oil is the latest natural cure-all ingredient that's appearing in every beauty product right now. But what exactly is this golden elixir?

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  • Preventative Treatment for Wrinkles

    Preventative Treatment for Wrinkles 

    Wrinkles are the etchings of life on your face but honestly, we could do without them! Beautylish's Christina consulted with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Ranella Hirsch on the best topical treatments. Here's what really works for anti-aging.

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  • Jemma Kidd on Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding Beauty

    Jemma Kidd on Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding Beauty

    Makeup superstar and British beauty Jemma Kidd, also known as The Countess of Mornington, chats about Kate Middleton's wedding look. Read this royal's top beauty picks and predictions for the big day.

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  • Royal Wedding Ring Nail Art Tutorial

    Royal Wedding Ring Nail Art Tutorial

    To celebrate the upcoming nuptials, Beautylish decided to create an easy, elegant, and royally-inspired manicure. See how you can take nude nails to the next level with some finger bling inspired by the royal ring!

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  • Why Your Hair Needs Primer Too!
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    Why Your Hair Needs Primer Too!

    Did you think that primer was only for your face? Think again. During our last blowout at the Ric Pipino salon (a SoHo staple), we chatted with stylist Donna Wagner about why hair primers are an underrated staple in your hair routine and which 3 hair primers we love!

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  • Splurge or Save: Cotton Pads

    Splurge or Save: Cotton Pads

    Cotton pads are used daily to apply, tone, and remove products on our skin. The price range for these little cotton fluffs can vary, but are they really worth the extra money? We find out whether or not you should be shelling out the extra cash for these disposable beauty staples.

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  • Royal Wedding Minx Nails

    Royal Wedding Minx Nails

    In anticipation of Prince William and Kate Middleton's big day, we've seen a big trend of enthusiasts creating Royal Wedding inspired products like nail decals and lip glosses. Now Minx has gotten in on the English spirit of it all! We're not too sure if these chromed nails are for jokes only but we're intrigued!

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  • Differences: Cotton Rounds, Squares & Balls

    Differences: Cotton Rounds, Squares & Balls

    What exactly is the difference between cotton rounds, squares and balls? They're all made from cotton and do the same thing, right? We get the scoop from Wendy Glancy of U.S. Cotton, on which products are best for certain beauty tasks.

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  • Best Orange Lipsticks for Under $10!

    Best Orange Lipsticks for Under $10!

    Orange is the on trend color for 2011. But that doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune to sport a beautiful bright orange lip this season. Beautylish reveals the top 3 orange lipsticks for less.

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