• Eyebrow Fillers

    Eyebrow Fillers

    Well-shaped eyebrows can do wonders to frame your face (Brooke Shields brows defined her look!). Anastasia Soare, the founder of Anastasia Beverley Hills, is the eyebrow queen to celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, and Jennifer Lopez. Anastasia lends her expertise to Beautylish on how to beautifully shape and fill in eyebrows.

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  • Avoid The White Cast of Sunscreen

    Avoid The White Cast of Sunscreen

    The white cast from sunscreens on our faces is not a good look on anyone—who wants to look pasty and flat? It's not as noticeable in person but when pictures are taken (and you start getting tagged on Facebook), you look downright silly. But don't toss the SPF Beauties! Keep reading for our tips on how to steer clear on looking pasty in photos.

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  • Fix A Broken Nail
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    Fix A Broken Nail

    Don’t you hate it when you get a deep tear in just one nail? We’ve got an easy DIY trick to repair your cracked nail with a tea bag and super glue!

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  • Spotlight On: Petrilude

    Spotlight On: Petrilude

    The Halloween King of YouTube dishes about the person who has taught him the most about applying makeup. Keep reading to find out who it is!

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  • Five Minute Friday Smoky Eye

    Five Minute Friday Smoky Eye

    Undercover Beauty Agent shares how she does a five minute smoky eye for those customers who stop by her counter on their way to catch their train.

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  • Wedding Guest Beauty Inspirations
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    Wedding Guest Beauty Inspirations

    Welcome to wedding season! Get inspired with these with these three inspirational makeup, hair and nail tutorials from Beautylish Beauties that will have you looking like the picture perfect guest (but not better than the bride, of course!).

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  • DIY Sunburn Soothers

    DIY Sunburn Soothers

    We know you’re diligent about your sun care, but sometimes the SPF just doesn’t cut it. If you find yourself with an unsightly and unbearable sunburn, we’ve got three all-natural DIY skin soothers that will decrease inflammation and speed up the post-burn aftermath.

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  • DIY Banana Beauty Recipes

    DIY Banana Beauty Recipes

    Always in season, bananas are readily available at your grocery store. This fruit is packed with potassium, vitamin B and C, and tryptophan that help revitalize dry skin and hair. Here are three banana recipes to help you stay soft and silky all summer!

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  • Get Victoria's Secret Bombshell Waves

    Get Victoria's Secret Bombshell Waves

    Ever wondered how Victoria's Secret models get those gorgeous, voluminous, and sexy waves? New York hairstylist Dominick Pucciarello (who's managed the manes of all of your favorite Angels!) reveals the perfect technique for that signature 'Secret style.

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  • Chocolate Is The New Tan

    Chocolate Is The New Tan

    Dre Brown is back to discuss the summer skin care for darker Beauties. Just because your complexion is naturally "tan" doesn't mean you can skip on SPF, especially if you're planning on deepening your hue at the beach this season!

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  • Bye Bye Tan Lines

    Bye Bye Tan Lines

    No matter how careful we are under the sun, embarrassing tan lines are common summer offenders. Keep reading for our tips on on how to fade those lines of demarcation so no one will notice the evidence of your fun in the sun (or forgotten sunscreen).

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  • Too Faced Launches Their New Fall Collection

    Too Faced Launches Their New Fall Collection

    Too Faced is launching their new "Midnight in the Garden of Glamour" Fall 2011 Collection. Keep reading to see the products!

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  • Newspaper Nail Tutorial
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    Newspaper Nail Tutorial

    Newspaper and rubbing alcohol can give your tips and toes a typographic edge—who knew? Here's the full how-to.

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  • Day In The Life: Carol Shaw

    Day In The Life: Carol Shaw

    What's it like to be celebrity makeup artist, Carol Shaw, founder of Lorac cosmetics? From prepping her famous clients (Nicole Kidman, Rachel Bilson, and Debra Messing to name a few) for their red carpet appearances to creating products for Lorac's next makeup collection, keep reading to see what it's like to be Carol Shaw (including the beauty products she uses herself!).

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  • Summer Beauty Talk With XSparkage

    Summer Beauty Talk With XSparkage

    Beautylish chats with Beauty Guru Leesha (better known as XSparkage). Keep reading for her top summer beauty picks and how she deals with the Texan heat!

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  • How To Do A Waterfall Braid/Cascade Braid
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    How To Do A Waterfall Braid/Cascade Braid

    The waterfall braid recently exploded as the new "trend braid" of the season. The waterfall effect looks cool and complex, but it's easier to style than you think. Give this beautiful braid a try when Beautylish takes you through the how-to!

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  • Melt-proof Makeup For Summer
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    Melt-proof Makeup For Summer

    As the weather heats up, extra sweat will lead to oilier skin. So what's a girl to do when her face starts to melt under the sun? We gather a few tips to help you looking fresh and cool all summer long.

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  • Wet Look Hair
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    Wet Look Hair

    When it comes to summer's easiest hair trend, the sleek, wet look, nothing works better than hair gel. Celebrity hairstylist Jeanie Syfu shows us how to take the gel out of the Jersey Shore (no spiky hair here!) and make it chic.

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  • Benefit They're Real—1-Day Exclusive Preview

    Benefit They're Real—1-Day Exclusive Preview

    Benefit Cosmetics is introducing their brand new lengthening mascara, They're Real! The new jet-black, glossy mascara will be sold in stores and online in July but you can get your hands on them today at their 1-day exclusive preview! Keep reading to see how you can snag yourself a tube in advance!

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  • Bryce Dallas Howard 2011 MTV Movie Awards Hair & Makeup

    Bryce Dallas Howard 2011 MTV Movie Awards Hair & Makeup

    Bryce Dallas Howard looked effortlessly beautiful with her simple makeup and a half up do with big curls at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. Keep reading to see how to copy this look at home!

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