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  • Ukrainian Pageant Contestant Stoned to Death

    Ukrainian Pageant Contestant Stoned to Death

    Katya Koren, 19, participated in a local Ukrainian beauty pageant and was stoned to death by three outraged Muslim teens, accusing Katya of violating "the laws of Sharia." Such horrific news to hear about the young beauty teen.

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  • Professional Spray Tanning Experience

    Professional Spray Tanning Experience

    Don't fry your skin this summer by laying out in the sun or tanning beds. Beautylish's Christina heads to Tan Bella in San Francisco for her first ever spray tan and she dishes on her experience.

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  • RMS Beauty Living Luminizer

    RMS Beauty Living Luminizer

    Beautylish's Victoria road tests RMS Beauty Living Luminizer, a creamy highlighter that's rising to cult status among models and industry elites.

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  • Cavities Are Contagious!

    Cavities Are Contagious!

    Kissing and sharing drinks can transfer cavity-causing bacteria from one mouth to another. Keep reading to find out why you should get a regular cleaning and check-up, now!

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  • MAC Bloggers' Obsession Collection

    MAC Bloggers' Obsession Collection

    MAC invited nine of their favorite beauty bloggers to join them in their Toronto Lab, where they got to custom-create their very own MAC eye shadow or lip glass. The limited-edition Bloggers' Obsession Collection is available exclusively online on June 21st. Will you buy buying any of these blogger beauty products from MAC?

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  • Feet Savers for High Heels
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    Feet Savers for High Heels

    High heels instantly glam up any outfit and can make your legs look leaner and fiercer. But if you need to break them in, even a few paces can be excruciating. Here are a few feet-saving tricks that can save you from uncomfortable walks in heels.

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  • DIY Honey Recipes
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    DIY Honey Recipes

    When used in your beauty routine, honey soothes inflammation, hydrates the skin, and protects against bacteria. Discover three of our favorite DIY honey recipes you can buy from the supermarket.

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  • Hot for Honey!
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    Hot for Honey!

    Did you know that it takes 556 worker bees to create ONE pound of honey? Honey is the only insect by-product that humans regularly consume. Keep reading to find out why this nourishing nectar has been a staple in the beauty scene for centuries.

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  • Semi-Permanent Fake Lashes: A D.I.Y. Disaster?

    Semi-Permanent Fake Lashes: A D.I.Y. Disaster?

    Beauties, have you seen the semi-permanent lash kits out on the market right now? Keep reading to find out if these inexpensive falsies (a set costs less than $10 and supposedly stays put for weeks), are a worthwhile alternative to expensive lash extensions.

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  • Cocoa Cosmetics
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    Cocoa Cosmetics

    Attention choco-holics! Chocolate-laced beauty products are nothing new, but here are the latest makeup, skin care, and hair products that contain the sweet treat. Keep reading to find out which chocolate cosmetic is so pure, it's even safe to eat!

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  • Dreaming of India

    Dreaming of India

    India has always been an inspiration for color and texture, and we're going to show you just what we love about the home of Bollywood Beauty.

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  • Beauty Remorse: Shaving Nicks

    Beauty Remorse: Shaving Nicks

    If you catch yourself with a shaving nick, don't just stick on a piece of toilet paper and call it day! We have a few different techniques to stop the bleeding and speed up the healing process

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  • Spring & Summer Dewy Skin How-To

    Spring & Summer Dewy Skin How-To

    With warmer spring and summer weather here, the last thing you want to do is pile on foundation and look too matte and one-dimensional. Fresh and dewy (not greasy) skin is in and we gathered three tutorials to help you Beauties achieve just that!

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  • Pacifica Perfume Promo Code

    Pacifica Perfume Promo Code

    For all you fragrance-philes out there, Pacifica Perfume is having a special Memorial Day weekend sale on their site! Keep reading for the discount code for these gorgeous, all-natural fragrances.

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  • 3 Ways to Rock Red, White, and Blue

    3 Ways to Rock Red, White, and Blue

    Memorial Day weekend is in full force in the States. It's always fun to get a little patriotic with your beauty, so keep reading for three unique ways to rock red, white, and blue!

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  • Memorial Day Marble Nail Tutorial

    Memorial Day Marble Nail Tutorial

    With the Memorial Weekend coming up in the States, it's fun to get a little patriotic with red, white, and blue. Learn how to get to master the marble nail—Americana style.

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  • Lush Tiny Hands

    Lush Tiny Hands

    What don't you put your hands through in a span of 24 hours—driving, typing, and shaking hands—you need some quality R&R for them. Earlier this spring, Lush Cosmetics came out with Tiny Hands, their new solid hand serum infused with shea butter and argan oil. Keep reading for Beautylish's Tiny Hand product review and if it's worth to snag.

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  • Tarte's New Waterproof Eye Makeup
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    Tarte's New Waterproof Eye Makeup

    Whether you're partying by the pool or dancing the night away, the last thing you want is for your eye makeup to melt off. Tarte's Summer 2011 makeup collection is all waterproof, so whether your eyes get wet from swimming, sweat, or surf (and not tears, we hope!), your makeup will stay perfect.

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  • How Often Should You Scrub Your Face?

    How Often Should You Scrub Your Face?

    Exfoliating your face in moderation can make skin brighter and softer. Beautylish chats with dermatologist Dr. David Colbert MD—whose star-studded clients include Adriana Lima, Michelle Williams and Naomi Campbell—about the benefits of skin sloughing.

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  • CND Jason Wu Collection Giveaway

    CND Jason Wu Collection Giveaway

    Even though it's almost summer, Spring 2011 Nail Trends are still in full force! For the Spring 2011 show at New York Fashion Week, designer Jason Wu collaborated with runway manicure leader CND to introduce a limited edition Jason Wu Polish collection. Models sported these shades down the runway, and every audience member got a complimentary set. This time, it's your turn Beauties—we're giving away three sets to three lucky ladies. Keep reading to see how you can win!

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