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  • Scarlett Johansson at the 2011 Spike TV Guy Choice Awards

    Scarlett Johansson at the 2011 Spike TV Guy Choice Awards

    Last night, A-list movie star, Scarlett Johansson, looked stunning as she walked the red carpet at Spike TV’s Guy Choice Awards in LA. Her makeup artist Carol Shaw (and founder of Lorac Cosmetics!) made her look fresh yet sultry with nude, glowing skin and bright smoky eyes. Keep reading to see which Lorac must-haves Carol used for Scarlett's look!

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  • Beautylish's Travel Beauty Tips

    Beautylish's Travel Beauty Tips

    The June travel bug has bitten again and we can’t wait to begin jet setting! The hardest part? Knowing what beauty items to pack! No matter where your destination may be, here are tips to keep you looking beautiful.

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  • Justin Bieber 2011 MTV Movie Awards Hair
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    Justin Bieber 2011 MTV Movie Awards Hair

    Attention Bieber fans, keep reading to find out which hair product Justin used to tame his side-swept, tousled hair style last night at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards.

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  • Lily Collins' 2011 MTV Movie Awards Beauty Look
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    Lily Collins' 2011 MTV Movie Awards Beauty Look

    At the 2011 MTV Movie Awards last night, actress Lily Collins (currently starring in "Priest") test drove Heidi Klum's new hair product, a jasmine-scented hair serum that's inspired by her trips to India. Keep reading for the breakdown of how to get Lily's sophisticated yet still youthful hair style and makeup look.

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  • DIY Makeup Magnet Board
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    DIY Makeup Magnet Board

    If you're like us and have way too much makeup to handle, here's an amazing and easy way to store your makeup magnetically—never neglect any of your products again with this ingenious idea!

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  • Help Chantecaille Save The High Seas
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    Help Chantecaille Save The High Seas

    Beauties, did you know that sea plankton are responsible for producing almost 80 percent of the oxygen we breathe? Wednesday, June 8th, is World Ocean Day and this year, Chantecaille hopes to help save the high seas (and our precious oxygen) with these stunning La Baleine Collection makeup palettes.

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  • DIY Watermelon Recipes
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    DIY Watermelon Recipes

    Watermelon is synonymous with summer and makes for a refreshing, dessert when the weather warms up. But this healthy treat is also packed with vitamins and antioxidants, so the next time you slice into a chunk of this fruit, save some extra pieces to create a natural and refreshing mask.

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  • Beauty Remorse: Face Sunburn

    Beauty Remorse: Face Sunburn

    Too much sun on your face can lead to a unsettling sunburn—case in point, Kim Kardashian's red burn on a trip to Mexico two years ago. Once you get one, you will need to change your skin and beauty routine to cater to the damaged skin. We have some helpful tips from us and Dr. Amy Wechsler to help you tone down the red and heal quickly!

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  • Bright Eye Shadow Inspirations for Summer

    Bright Eye Shadow Inspirations for Summer

    Summer is all about fun and carefree times, so why not punch up your eye shadow this season with some electrifying bright colors? We've gathered three vivid, inspirational looks that will have you looking fierce!

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  • Nivea Summer Skin Giveaway

    Nivea Summer Skin Giveaway

    As the warm weather heats up your days, it's important to keep skin hydrated and nourished. We've teamed up with Nivea to give away their newest collection, Hydra IQ! Keep reading to see how you can enter!

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  • Digital Eyeshadow & Lashes
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    Digital Eyeshadow & Lashes

    What if we told you that there was a new way to wear eyeshadow and false lashes, without the use of any products? Keep reading to see what prototype was created by industrial designer student, Lulin Ding.

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  • Cover Girl and Pat McGrath Launch LeSportsac Makeup Bag Collection

    Cover Girl and Pat McGrath Launch LeSportsac Makeup Bag Collection

    Renowned makeup artist and Cover Girl Global Design Director Pat McGrath has collaborated with LeSportsac on an eight-piece lipstick-inspired cosmetic bag collection. Keep reading for more on this cute new line!

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  • Clinique Beauty Forecast App

    Clinique Beauty Forecast App

    Your local news may tell you the temperature outside, but does your weatherman also give you advice on how to protect your skin when air pollution is bad? Didn't think so. Clinique's new app gives you a weather report, beauty tips, and product news, all for free!

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  • Taking Runway to the Street

    Taking Runway to the Street

    Want to wear something you’ve seen on the runway but don’t know how to rock it for everyday? Beauty Guru Jasmine (jazziebabycakes) shows us just how to do that! Keep reading to see her version of Armani Privé's Spring 2011 Couture show makeup.

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  • MAC Sized to Go Collection

    MAC Sized to Go Collection

    MAC's got you covered with their new travel skin care collection, Sized to Go. Carry-on all of your MAC skin favorites in convenient 30mL sizes: Fix +, Cleanse Off Oil, Cleanse Off Oil/TranquIl, Pro Eye Makeup Remover, Demi-wipes, Studio Moisture Cream, Strobe Cream, Green Gel Cleanser, and Oil Control Lotion—everythIng you need for hydrated skin above the clouds. Available exclusively at MAC stores.

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  • Summer Makeup Tips for Pale Skin
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    Summer Makeup Tips for Pale Skin

    If you're a Beauty whose pale skin tends to burn instead of tan, you can still get a glow this summer. Dakota Fanning's makeup artist Sammy Mourabit shares his tips on how to update your makeup routine this season and flatter your fair complexion. Don't worry, you won't need any self-tanner or bronzer for these summer makeup tips!

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  • D.I.Y. Avocado Recipes
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    D.I.Y. Avocado Recipes

    Avocados (the fruit that taste like a buttery vegetable) are delicious and offer amazing benefits to your skin, from moisturizing and treating sun damage to preventing pimples. Keep reading for a few of our favorite recipes with this creamy summer fruit!

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  • What Causes Pimples?

    What Causes Pimples?

    Did you know that the location of your blemish can tell you how it got there in the first place? Learn why your zits can give you clues about other issues in your body from Dermalogica Director of Global Education Annet King.

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  • Beautylish Launches on Pulse News Reader!
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    Beautylish Launches on Pulse News Reader!

    Tired of squinting to read Beautylish on your phone? Pulse, the top-selling news reading application, will now stream Beautylish content for iPhone, iPad, and Android portable devices! Beauties, did we mention it was free?

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  • Waterproofing Your Hair
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    Waterproofing Your Hair

    Dre Brown's back again, talking about beach waves, workouts, and her hair. Keep reading to find out how Beautylish's naturalista found freedom with her new hair.

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