Back In Beige: The Neutral Lipstick Review


Who wants to go bare? Beige lips are it for summer beauty and no kit is complete without a great neutral shade to pair with a dramatic eye or, for a totally natural look, a barely-there bronzer and nothing more. Tan lips are unexpectedly sexy and their low maintenance effect will make summer looks smoulder. We pulled some of the best tawny tans and peachy beiges for the ultimate in neutral lipstick reviews! Can you find your favorite among these basic beauties?


Lasting Finish By Kate in #113 | $5.79

Melon in both scent and tone, this light-warm shade has adequate coverage, but lasts for most of the day. And for a drugstore bargain, I appreciate the appealing red plastic tube. (Kate as in Kate Moss, by the way—she helped developed this line with Rimmel!)


Matte Lipstick in Butter | $6

This color goes on smooth with a basic cream finish—the result is not quite as matte as what you might expect. It’s a darker beige with a bit of an ashy undertone. It looked a little dull in the tube but once on, it lends sexy depth to an everyday natural look. And we love the peek-a-boo tube with the heart details!


Full Color Lipstick in Bare Hug | $11

This handy little compact lipstick is chic and loveable. It has a sweet minty scent and flavor that had us licking it our lips all day! (Oops!) The color itself is on the warmer end of the spectrum, with heavy orange tones that will brighten up cool-toned complexions. The plum-colored metal case snaps closed with a magnet—an appealing sound every time you recap. If orange is your color, don’t pass up this likeable shade.


Lips in Desert | $12

Desert or Dessert? This lollipop-scented lipstick is on the creamsicle end of the beige spectrum, with a noticeable pastel quality. The finish is basic, but the coverage is great! A warm undertone gives it a polished feel—and the striped package design gives it a youthful, modern edge. An all-around cute choice!


Lipstick in Altered Beige (Lustre) | $15

A very pale nude, this one looks delicate against fair skin and pops on a darker complexion. It’s sheer and packed with moisturizers, and possesses a yummy vanilla scent. The reflective brown case feels anything but summery, but it’s a fun change from MAC’s basic black tube. It’s a great day lipstick to have handy.


gloLip Stick in Natural | $17

This is one thick mineral lipstick! The coverage is superior and the cream formula is vitamin-packed. A warm neutral, this is a shade that will work for many. The silver tube looks a little traditional, but we loved the moisturization factor. A great basic.

Armour Beauty

Lipgloss in Edie | $21 | shop it

An Edie Sedgwick-inspired pale gloss is always something to rave about. This one has a slightly cool undertone and makes us want to pile on the false lashes and liquid liner, and then shimmy into a shift dress. It also has the long wear time and yummy taste of a winner.

Too Faced

La Creme Color Drenched Lip Cream in Naughty Nude | $22 | shop it

Too Faced is a go-to brand for sexy neutrals, and my expectations were certainly met with this creamy, dreamy shade. It’s a tone that will look good on anyone, with all the color payoff and moisture found with any of the line’s bright, velvety lippies. Enrobed in the rich, slightly sweet-tasting formula, my lips looked full and healthy.

Elizabeth Arden

Ceramide Ultra Lipstick in Cameo | $22.50

According to Elizabeth Arden, this lipstick is supposed to help replenish moisture by capturing ceramides (waxy lipid molecules—we had to Google the term!) in your skin, making you look younger. If nothing else, the creamy age-defying lipstick made us look radiant. The color is warmer, with sheer coverage and a certain captivating luster.

BITE Beauty

Luminous Creme Lipstick in Muscat | $24

Another sweet-tasting choice, but what else would you expect from a line called “Bite”? The creamy lipstick is a little sheer but glides on evenly and feels pleasantly balm-like. The tube design (with a “bite mark” out of the top) cheered me up throughout the day, and the deep neutral color could easily find its way into anyone’s makeup collection.


Lipstick Crayon in Come Undone | $24 | shop it

Sensual and sleek, this creamy shade comes in the form of a twist pencil, which feels both casual and even a little unisex. With a pinkish cool tone, this shade has depth, providing smooth, even coverage, and a moisture-rich sheen. Easy to slip into even the slimmest of bags, the sexy name is just begging to be worn on a date night.

Bobbi Brown

Sheer Lip Color in Nude Beige | $25

Bobbi Brown is a no-fuss kind of artist and so is this lipstick. It’s sheer and it’s beige, plain and simple, and the appealing and sleek black metal tube supplies all the info you need. The warm neutral is a safe pick, a creamy shade that’s just enough for a bare look and perfect for pairing with smoky eyes for evening. Put this in your bag, day or night!

Anna Sui

Lipstick in #701 | $30 | shop it

This pale beige shade would fall into the category of “basic” if it wasn’t for Sui’s characteristic detailing—a decadent package and a whimsical rose scent. The product itself exudes quality with even coverage and a rub-your-lips-together, balmy feel. On the warm side, the shade is lively—almost as lively as the Sui’s updated tube design that features a rose-shaped knob you pull to open. If you’re in the market for a warm, pale beige, I highly recommend this one.


Color Core Lipstick in Thailand | $32

With a warm, dark caramel tone that would work well on a tan complexion, this shade is offset with a pink glow and heavy shimmer that practically screams “beach getaway.” The tube’s design, ribbed for your pleasure, made it easy to find in a makeup bag. Don’t pack for a hot summer getaway without this shade!