Commitment-Free Hair Makeovers


Spring and summer are the perfect time to make a dramatic hairstyle change (note the recent spike in pixie cuts!), but sometimes an impulse decision will leave you tearful rather than triumphant. Before you make the big chop, consider these little-to-no-commitment options, first.


Color is one of the most popular options for a quick change without the cut. “Add some balayage for the summer, or try semi-permanent colors—they’re fun and subtle,” suggests hairstylist Alex Polillo (whose clients include Krysten Ritter, Mia Wasikowska, and Dianna Agron). For those that crave a color jolt that washes right out, celeb hairstylist Aviva recommends Alterna’s 1 Night Highlights. “The applicator is easy to use and the color lasts until your next shampoo,” she explains. “The product has a little shimmer in it too, so it’s a great option for evening.”


A new set of bangs gives lackluster cut new flair, and can easily be pinned out of the way. “Cut a blunt fringe just at or slightly below the brow level,” suggests Alex. “Transition them into a side swoop for fall, and they’ll be long again in winter!” For the fringe-phobic, hairstylist Jamal Hammadi (clients include Rooney Mara, James Franco, and Amber Valetta) recommends clipping in faux fringe.


The way you position your locks can dramatically affect how they interact with your features. “A face can completely change depending on how it’s framed,” says Aviva. “Try changing from a part straight down to the middle to a deep side part, or vice-versa.” But it’s not just the part—style matters, too. ”Shifting your ponytail from low to high, or even off-center can instantly transform your face shape,” adds Jamal.

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