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Editorial: Social Experiments

  • Social Experiment: The Makeup Counter

    Social Experiment: The Makeup Counter

    Ever had a negative experience shopping for makeup when you weren’t actually wearing any? Find out what happens to a barefaced Jasmine when she visits the makeup counter.

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  • Social Experiment: Street Makeup Mistakes

    Social Experiment: Street Makeup Mistakes

    Ever looked in the mirror and realized you’ve spent all day with lipstick on your teeth—and nobody bothered to tell you? Beautylish Community Manager Jasmine hits the street with the embarrassing makeup mishap and discovers how strangers really react.

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  • Social Experiment: Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

    Social Experiment: Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

    Day after day, she walks with ease, not a care in the world of what people see. She’s bright, funky, and ready for a whirl, but what’s in store for this quite peculiar girl? Beautylish’s Jasmine shares the tale of how she walked about the streets of San Francisco with hair and makeup inspired by Dr. Seuss!

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  • Social Experiment: Scarlet Fever!

    Social Experiment: Scarlet Fever!

    A hot crimson lip or a bright blush on your cheeks are two classic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But what about a bold, fiery eye color? Beautylish’s Jasmine test drives using scarlet in two dramatic runway-inspired makeup looks, to find out which effect will most interest the opposite sex.

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  • Social Experiment: The Morning After

    Social Experiment: The Morning After

    We’ve all done the walk of shame at one time in our lives, and this week Beautylish’s Jasmine takes the bullet and spends one workday in last night’s party makeup. Find out what happens to her as she braves the streets in smudged eyeliner and flaking glitter!

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  • Social Experiment: Traffic-Stopping Brows
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    Social Experiment: Traffic-Stopping Brows

    On the runways—especially couture shows—you can often see a model rocking a bright arch. But what happens when you take this trend out in public? Keep reading to see what Beautylish’s Jasmine encountered when she took this avant-garde look out on the streets of San Francisco.

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  • Social Experiment: High Fashion Goes Street

    Social Experiment: High Fashion Goes Street

    Fashion Week may be over in Europe, but Beautylish’s Jasmine takes her favorite spring 2012 Fashion Week look from the runway to the streets of San Francisco. Keep reading to see how people reacted to her throughout her day.

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  • Beautylish Social Experiment: Plane Jane

    Beautylish Social Experiment: Plane Jane

    Taking public transit, going through security at the airport, and even ordering food while on the go are all situations where you may be judged by your appearance. Beautylish’s Jasmine takes her social experiment to the street again and recounts the interactions she experiences during air travel.

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  • Beautylish Social Experiment: Nightlife Looks

    Beautylish Social Experiment: Nightlife Looks

    Getting all dolled up can affect the way you attract and get responses from others. What we think will grab someone's attention may not work at all. Beautylish's Jasmine takes nightlife beauty to the test.

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  • What Men Really Think

    What Men Really Think

    Sometimes it's hard to tell what a man is attracted to, whether it's bright lips, long flowy hair, or simple eye makeup. Beautylish hits the street and finds out what men really think about your beauty look.

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  • Beautylish Social Experiment
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    Beautylish Social Experiment

    Three days, three completely different beauty looks. Beautylish's Jasmine puts society to the test to see if your physical appearance affects how you will be treated on the street. Keep reading to find out what happened!

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