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  • Headpieces Are a Hit!
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    Headpieces Are a Hit!

    From fascinators to headbands, headpieces are making a huge comeback. They are a favorite of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, are perfect for special occasions, and are a fun way to spice up a regular hairstyle. Here are our tips on how to include these fascinating accessories in your wardrobe.

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  • Gifts that Give Back
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    Gifts that Give Back

    Look good, do good! Shop for presents that help out those in need this holiday. Keep reading to see limited-edition beauty products that support worthy charities and causes.

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  • Putting the Cute in cutepolish!

    Putting the Cute in cutepolish!

    From feminine floral accents, to quirky cartoon themed manicures, cutepolish delivers videos that inspire all to dress up their nails for any occasion! Find out what inspires her creativity and her process for making nail art video tutorials!

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  • Celebrity Beauty Products That Really Work
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    Celebrity Beauty Products That Really Work

    Celebrities are constantly endorsing different products (especially beauty!), so it can be hard to believe what they’re selling will work. But sometimes a star’s skin care or beauty line really is great. We tested the latest launches from some of our favorite celebs and chose our Top 3 products.

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  • Stars' Favorite 2011 Nail Trends

    Stars' Favorite 2011 Nail Trends

    2011 was an exciting year in nails! From multicolored manis to one-of-a-kind decals, celebrity nails didn’t miss out on the design fun either. Keep reading to see which stars wore the biggest fingertip fads.

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  • New Holiday Brights

    New Holiday Brights

    We love ruby red and emerald green, but let's face it—the holidays need a bold beauty makeover. If you're looking for a new seasonal color palette, discover the bright shades we're into this December.

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  • Thoughtful Holiday Gift-Giving

    Thoughtful Holiday Gift-Giving

    It’s easy to treat your friends and family to gorgeous holiday beauty sets, but what if you wanted to give more meaningful presents this season? Learn three ways a beauty lover can earn some extra karma points for the holidays.

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  • Festive Hair Accessories
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    Festive Hair Accessories

    You don't have to sport Santa's hat to look holiday ready! These pretty accessories instantly add seasonal spirit to even the simplest outfit.

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  • Sanctuary Spaces

    Sanctuary Spaces

    Are you sad or extra stressed out during the holiday season? Discover how to create your own inner retreat right in your bathroom.

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  • Green Holiday Gifts
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    Green Holiday Gifts

    Keep reading to discover three gorgeously green and glamorous goodies perfect for holiday gift-giving.

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  • Stacy Keibler's Holiday Wish List

    Stacy Keibler's Holiday Wish List

    The actress—and George Clooney's leading lady!—chats with Beautylish about her plans for the holidays and what's on her wish list.

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  • Morning-After Skin Savers
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    Morning-After Skin Savers

    Been dancing the night away only to wake up with puffy, dehydrated, or dull-looking skin? Drinking too much, sleeping too little, and scarfing down pizza at 2 a.m. can leave your skin looking worse for the wear. Here are our Top 3 morning-after products.

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  • Deck the Halls With a December Manicure
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    Deck the Halls With a December Manicure

    To get into the holiday spirit this year, decorate your house, the Christmas tree, and of course your nails! Add some festive fun to your fingertips with mini snowmen, Santa hats, and lots of sparkle!

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  • Holiday Vanity Inspiration

    Holiday Vanity Inspiration

    Now that it's December, the decorative holiday spirit hits full swing as many of you adorn your homes and mantels with twinkling lights and trinkets. But who said this embellished enthusiasm had to stop short of your vanity table? Let your beauty collection join the merry season.

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  • Stop and Smell the Roses
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    Stop and Smell the Roses

    Who doesn't love receiving (or splurging on!) a bouquet of roses? They smell incredible and look oh-so-pretty as hair ornaments and corsages. But why stop there? For a whimsical and feminine manicure, try dressing up your digits with a design inspired by the flower.

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  • Beauty Savers: Things to Have Handy

    Beauty Savers: Things to Have Handy

    We all need a little rescuing sometimes. Keep your beauty lifesavers handy. And if you don’t know what to carry, we have a few ideas!

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  • Office Party Beauty Tips

    Office Party Beauty Tips

    While there may not be a strict dress code at your holiday office party, there are rules of beauty you should know before hitting the soiree.

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  • Counter Confidential: Guys and Glitter

    Counter Confidential: Guys and Glitter

    There are quite a few guys who visit me at the makeup counter, but I love when sparkly vampires (thanks “Twilight”) stop by for a touch-up.

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  • Top 3 Daytime Moisturizers For Winter

    Top 3 Daytime Moisturizers For Winter

    Winter may be cold and gray, but that doesn't mean you should stop applying sunscreen. A great way to get sun protection and stop your skin from drying out is to switch to a daytime moisturizer that already contains SPF. Here are our Top 3.

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