Lessons in Lipstick and Love From A Top Makeup Artist


For a makeup junkie, there’s nothing like opening a brand new beauty product. Admiring the packaging, breathing in the scent of a fresh blush or lipstick, and eagerly applying the new score to a ready face. As a beauty editor, I’m lucky enough to test (and play with!) lots of new products daily. So what really gets me excited? The opportunity for a world-renowned makeup artist to touch my face. Artist in question? Fulvia Farolfi, Chanel celebrity makeup artist and one of the best (and loveliest) experts in the biz. She’s worked with photographers such as Irving Penn and Steven Klein to celebrities like Anna Paquin and Amanda Seyfried, and Fulvia certainly knows how to paint a beautiful face. So you can imagine it was a dream come true when Chanel invited me to go one-on-one with Fulvia—for a little lesson in loving your makeup.

Chanel’s new makeup initiative, Love Your Makeup, stems from the desire to put passion and product knowledge back into your routine. They’ve enlisted the pros at Chanel makeup counters nationwide to help you perfect your foundation technique and select the right products for your features.

As I stepped into Chanel’s studio for my beauty date, piles of black-lacquered compacts, foundations, brushes, and lipsticks greeted my eyes—a heavenly beauty moment on Fifth Avenue. I was bursting with excitement to meet Fulvia and have her apply my makeup. To me, a makeup artist isn’t simply a man or woman that slaps on some mascara. The skills they’ve mastered—mixing colors, reading the skin, transforming a face—are true artistry. And even beauty editors need a helping hand.

After chit chat and playtime, I couldn’t help but smile and gasp with delight when I finally saw my transformation in the mirror. And not only was I surrounded by one of my favorite makeup brands of all time, I learned some amazing industry tips along the way, all from an incredible source. Behold, some of Fulvia’s pearls of wisdom:

On Perfecting the No-Powder Look

“If you have oily skin, always use a translucent powder to set your makeup, particularly under your lower lashes so your mascara doesn’t smudge. One of the best tricks I learned is to apply your foundation and powder, cover a powder puff with a tissue, then spritz some water on it. Press it all over your face. Your makeup will instantly look lived in and fresh, rather than powdery.”

On Painting the Face

“I prefer a foundation brush rather than a sponge—the smaller, the better! It doesn’t matter which direction your brush strokes go, but be sure to brush down your neck so it appears more natural.”

On the Best Way to Apply Lipstick

“I always advise applying lipstick over a lip pencil. It is more precise, lasts longer, and gives you a deeper color."

Tara's Makeup

Foundation: Vitalumiere Aqua in Beige 10
Powder: Poudre Universelle Natural Finish Loose Powder in Clair
Blush: Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Rose Ecrin
Eye Shadow: Ombre Essentielle in Lotus and Fauve
Mascara: Inimitable Intense in Black
Lip Liner: Le Crayon Lévres Precision Lip Definer in Framboise
Lipstick: Rouge Allure in Flamboyant

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