Light Me Up Liners


Lids completely awash with color are certainly bold, but why not go one step further? Our favorite look this summer—neon liner. Whether you pair your shadow with a matching tone or go for a contrast blast, your eyes will make the perfect vibrant statement.


Don’t limit your liner to the lashes, extend it for a dramatic cat eye, just like Stacey D. We love the complementary yellow and purple combination, which looks almost like a purple iris!


There’s nothing we love more than rainbow eyes, but paired with neon green liner on the lower lash line? We’re hooked! Don’t be afraid to use a vivid liner with other bold shadows like Angela J.


Feeling blue? Perk up a dreary day with hot pink lash line. For extra oomph, create a double cat eye similar to Lauren S.’s. A contrasting eye shadow tone (such as yellow or green) will help the look to pop even more.