Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee With a Royal Nail Salon


London's summer Olympics are fast-approaching, Kate Middleton continues to make flawless fashion choices, and Queen Elizabeth II is wrapping up her four-day, citywide celebration of her 60th year wearing the crown. Even in torrential rain, her majesty’s Diamond Jubilee was in full force across the country, and London’s Battersea Park played host to its first-ever Royal Nail Salon. Our Anglophilia is currently out of control.

Featuring a park-wide program of British vintage art, design, film, fashion, and food, Battersea Park was the weekend destination for the arts and culture scene. In addition to an excellent queen-spotting watch point on the Thames, the park highlighted beauty services by the era, celebrating 60 years of beauty trends since Elizabeth's coronation. We were excited to see retro makeovers from the '50s and '60s, an '80s blow-dry bar, and our favorite—the '00s Royal Nail Salon! Developed by The Illustrated Nail's Sophie Harris-Greenslade and NailPhilia curator Ryan Lanji, the pop-up salon featured an amazing menu of Jubilee-inspired nail art designs to choose from, and a jaw-dropping, hand-painted gold crown made entirely out of a thousand-plus artificial gold nails! “Making the crown took ages,” Sophie told Beautylish. “I also hand-painted all the nail menus for each table as well—12 total. Very time consuming.”

From palatial crowns and jewel-encrusted fingertips from Nails Inc. to Union Flag nail wraps available from Nail Rock, the British bling was certainly out, and appointments were booked up almost immediately. Sophie barely had a moment to spare. “The crowd was amazing, a fan of my blog came for her 18th birthday and got a different design on every finger—that took about an hour! She was really excited.” exclaimed Sophie. “Another woman visited from Australia—very into the Queen—and got crowns and royal orbs on every finger.” All in all, the rain couldn’t stop an amazing day dedicated to royal nail art—which design do you think the Queen would flaunt best?

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