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Spadaro: A Trio of Fragrances


When she set out to create a trio of fragrances, Kim Spadaro drew on inspiration from her travels to Spain, Marrakech, and Sicily to design perfumes that not only smell divine but also have a story. She began her relationship with perfume and beauty when she was a young child, burning incense and creating cosmetics with her mother and sister. She then went on to study health care, but realized that her heart lay in creating beautiful things that people could fall in love with. After her mother passed away from cancer, Kim was inspired to act upon her dreams and finally create the fragrances she had always wanted to, perfumes that had a story and a real connection to the wearer. With no formal training as a perfumer, she began making the scents from essential oil blends that she had concocted on her travels. Each exotic city, with its mix of smells, architecture, people, music, and cultures, inspired Kim to mix essential oils from the local markets to make a scent that embodied everything she loved about the destination. Each scent was then made into an eau de parfum that completely transports you to a different place, allowing you to bask in the aromas of a faraway land, magical night, or an unforgettable experience. 

  • Doux Amor- This deep, sultry scent is best worn at night, where dinner in a dark candlelit room would perfectly set the mood. It was inspired by a trip to Marrakech, and mixes Kim's memories of souks, desert blooms, and Moroccan wine. Notes of Moroccan jasmine, patchouli, and Casablanca lily make it perfect for the colder months, when the smell of spices is sure to warm your soul.

  • Sole Nero- This scent is the lightest and fruitiest of the three, and is perfect for a sunny fall day when the leaves are falling and the sun is shining on your face. It was inspired by a trip to Sicily and contains notes of grapefruit, bergamot, and almond.

  • Noche de Fuego- A strong, musky scent gives way to a feminine undertone in this powerful fragrance. Inspired by a trip to Spain—where 16th-century palaces and fire dancers reign supreme—it contains notes of patchouli, paprika, saffron, and bergamot. Such a strong, womanly scent works beautifully on a chilly day spent in front of a roaring fire.