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Editorial: Cheeks

  • The Beauty of Cream Blush
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    The Beauty of Cream Blush

    Cream blush is a great alternative to powder, but can sometimes seem a little overwhelming. You can’t help but wonder, will that intense color really rub in? We showcase great, easy-to-blend cream blushes to try.

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  • Blush and Bronzer Tips
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    Blush and Bronzer Tips

    Too much blush and the wrong shade of bronzer can completely ruin your look. We chat with New York City-based makeup artist Susie Sobol about her top tips for blush and bronzer so we can all apply like pros.

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  • Does Your Makeup Go With Your Tan?

    Does Your Makeup Go With Your Tan?

    Dre Brown is back to discuss switching up your summer makeup products and shades that match the extra color you got from the sun. Keep reading for makeup tips that all Beauties that like to tan can use!

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  • Shu Uemura Fall 2011 Makeup Collection

    Shu Uemura Fall 2011 Makeup Collection

    The Autumn/Winter 2011 makeup collation from Shu Uemura doesn't disappoint. Named "Nova Diva," this new line reveals the lights and shadows that makes makeup so fun to play with! Gorgeous metallic eye quads pair with soft matte lipsticks for a rich textural contrast. Keep reading for more details and a closer look at the tutu-like false lashes!

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  • How To Give Yourself Chiseled Features
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    How To Give Yourself Chiseled Features

    If you weren't born with amazing bone structure, there are ways to fake it and enhance your facial features. These Beauties can show you just how to sculpt with makeup!

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