5 Lunar New Year Traditions for Good Luck in 2019


Photo: ©Alita Ong / StocksyHappy (almost) Lunar New Year! The Year of the Pig celebration marks the start of a brand new year according to the traditional Chinese calendar. Annual festivities revolve around securing good fortune for a year filled with happiness and prosperity. Here are five cultural beauty tips known to give you luck in the new year.

Hold off on hair washing

It’s best to skip your hair washing routine the night before February 5th and two days afterward. According to Chinese tradition, shampooing and conditioning could possibly wash away your luck as you embark on a brand new year. Instead, extend your blowout (and good fortune) with a powerful dry shampoo. We recommend R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo for it’s instantly enlivening, moisturizing and oil absorbing properties. The heavenly lotus flower scent makes hair smell like it’s been through salon styling—which will come in handy after reading this next tip.

Skip all salon trips

Don’t even think of shortening your hair or nails during the first week of the Lunar New Year. Superstition has it that if you trim your fingertips or split ends you might cut off your luck. To avoid diminished fortune in 2019, camouflage frayed ends with a moisturizing leave-in cream or nourishing oil to temporarily seal the hair cuticle. For nails, give yourself a quick mani-pedi sans clipping and filing. Use a cuticle oil, base coat and topcoat to finesse flawlessly manicured fingertips.  

Stock up on facemasks

The first week of Chinese New Year is filled with a considerable amount of commemorative eating and drinking, which may affect your skin balance. Stockpile your favorite facial masks to keep skin purified and glowing after late nights spent celebrating and enjoying your favorite treats. We recommend getting a mask set, like the Skin INC Supplement Bar Facial In-A-Flash Multi-Masking Set, which offers enough sheets to last through a full week of festivities.

No cleaning

It may be tempting to tidy your vanity to start fresh for 2019, but ancient tradition states otherwise. Cleaning your space on New Year’s Day could wipe away good fortune, so hold off on sterilizing counters and brushes. Instead, consider using a set of multiple beauty blenders or disposable makeup sponges to apply full-face makeup until you can thoroughly clean your beauty tools.

Wear bright celebratory colors

Make sure you’re wearing warm, vibrant colors on Lunar New Year—especially red, which signifies happiness and good luck in Chinese culture. We are now entering the Year of the Pig, which is associated with water, fire, and metal. Be sure to wear makeup that resembles these three elements, including blue, red, orange, pink and gold. Use ultra bright eye and lip palettes to create a variety of festive looks that will spread the holiday cheer and bring you luck all year long.