6 Hacks to Instantly De-Puff Your Face

Ever wake up to a puffy, bloated face? Sometimes, salted foods are to blame; other times, it can be a drink (or two), or maybe just a lack of sleep the night before. No matter the reason, we’ve got you covered with 6 quick ways to de-puff your face in a flash.

Ice cold, baby

The simplest solution is already in your home: cold water. Whether you’re taking a cold shower, splashing your face with cold water, or massaging your face with ice cubes, any type of cold can do wonders on a swollen face. Not only will the cooler temps wake you up but it’ll also help tighten pores, remove toxins, and drastically reduce inflammation.

Bonus: if you dare, try dipping your face in a bowl of ice water for quicker, more intense results. Trust me, the few minutes of discomfort is well worth the results ice water therapy has to offer. If you go this route, start with 10–15 seconds intervals for a few minutes at a time to reap the benefits.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

While we’re on the topic of water, don’t forget that drinking water and hydrating internally is just as important—if not more—to avoid and reduce facial puffiness.

Caffeine fix

Unfortunately, we aren’t talking about your caffeinated beverage of choice here—we’re talking about skincare. If your under eyes are puffy, try a caffeine-infused eye cream or patches. Just like your favorite latte, think of it like a quick pick-me-up for the skin.

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Roll it out

Try giving yourself a facial massage with a face roller or gua sha to stimulate both your skin and lymph nodes. This will help increase blood circulation, resulting in decreased bloat and swelling. Pro-tip: refrigerate your facial tool to boost the benefits.

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Bring in the big guns

If you want something a little less manual and a bit more powerful, you can opt for a more sophisticated device. Microcurrent tools are specially designed to replicate professional estheticians’ technique to help firm the look of the skin and decrease puffiness and can help tighten and tone the look of skin almost immediately.

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Slap on a mask

The right mask can be the at-home equivalent of a spa treatment. The trick is finding the right one with key ingredients to combat puffiness and swelling. Anything with magnesium, 24-karat gold, or cooling effects can revive the face with a more lifted and firmer appearance in just a few minutes.

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Illustrations by Megan Badilla