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hair Brazilian Blowout Zero

For shiny, frizz-free hairstyles, Brazilian Blowout is a miracle salon treatment, cutting blowdry times in half and making curly, unruly hair as smooth as silk. But like any miracle cure, this one comes with a catch: the treatment contains small doses of carcinogenic formaldehyde. In spite of the health scares and lawsuits, many women still swear by the Brazilian Blowout treatment, saying they’re willing to risk it for their gorgeous hair. But now they won’t have to because Brazilian Blowout just announced a new formula with zero formaldehyde. What’s it called? Brazilian Blowout Zero.

So what does the new Brazilian Blowout Zero use to straighten and smooth your hair? Glycolic Acid. Yes, the same alpha hydroxy acid that’s in your facial exfoliator is now fighting your frizz. The original Brazilian Blowout formula is still available at salons (except in Canada, where it’s banned), but if you’re worried about the formaldehyde fumes, Zero is supposed to smooth hair strands just as perfectly as the original. Both results can last for up to 3 months (the less you shampoo, the longer it lasts), but we wonder if this new formula works just as well at transforming your hair texture.

Beauties, if any of you try the new Brazilian Blowout Zero, please let us know!

Images courtesy of Brazilian Blowout

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