Are Neck Creams A Waste Of Money?


SKIN Do you really need a neck cream?

It seems like there's now a special cream for every inch of the skin on your body, but according to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Mueller, fancy neck creams aren't worth the splurge. Dr. Mueller specializes in face and neck procedures and when I met him (don't worry Beauties, I was just learning about his new beauty invention, not getting a consultation!) I asked if there was anything that could prevent neck sagging. Of course, since he made his money on tightening, I expected him to say that everyone would just have to go and see him someday. So I was surprised when Dr. Mueller said that heavy night creams could be a culprit of sagging. "The neck needs moisture just like the rest of your body, but the skin in that area is especially thin. If you're pulling on the skin when you're rubbing in your neck cream, you could be causing it to lose elasticity faster," he says. Extra rich neck creams are also a bad idea (does your neck ever feel that dry?) because they require more massage (and stretching of the delicate skin) to spread. To keep your neck firm and hydrated, when you apply moisturizer to your face, just pat your neck gently with your hands. Whatever product is on your palms will help hydrate your neck. And if your neck doesn't feel dry, then just leave it alone.

Dr. Mueller is the inventor of the iGuide Trampoline Neck Lift, which uses sutures below the surface of the skin (into the soft tissue) to lift up sagging turkey necks and define the jawline and chin. In this procedure, a patented light rod is used to navigate the suture placement for precision and minimized cutting. This means less downtime and less risk of complication.