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City Inspiration: Paris


The city of love inspires romantic, dramatic looks that are specific to the Parisian girl. Dewy skin, a sexy smoky eye and a casual confidence are all that a French girl needs for her beauty routine. We take a look at some specific beauty looks and styles that you can recreate yourself. 

Dewy skin

A fresh, luminous complexion is a must-have in the City of Lights. Mothers pass down their secret skin care regime's to their daughters and facials are considered regular maintenance. An old French cleansing technique is to splash tepid (not cold or hot) water on your face to stimulate and refresh. Finish with moisturizer.

Lined eyes

The heavily-lined eye is the ultimate French girl weapon—just look at French film star and '60s sex symbol Brigitte Bardot, who worked this sultry look throughout her career. Brigitte's eyes were completely lined and topped off with black eye shadow and lots of mascara to create a dark, smoky and sexy look.

Red Lips

A red lip worn with minimal blush, bronzer or eye makeup is another look that frequents the cobbled streets of Paris. Worn either as a deep burgundy shade or as a bright orange hue, red is always the statement color of choice. 

Ombré Hair

A left bank Parisian will always sport this popular hair style, and never give away the name of her hairdresser. An increasingly popular technique, ombré hair (usually achieved through balayage) is a French girl's best friend and is always styled with lots of soft volume and layers. No matter what their hairstyle, French girls are always careful to keep their look feminine.