All Eyes On: Natalya of filthygorgeousmakeup


Based in London, Natalya of filthygorgeousmakeup has an amazing collection of self produced videos ranging from makeup and hair how-to’s, product reviews, and giveaways. We absolutely adore how she uses a range of inexpensive and higher brands, showing her versatility with different products and techniques. If you’re looking for a sweet Spring look or a pretty office look, we are positive you will be inspired by Natalya. She also has her wonderful blog with beauty tips, fashion ideas, and reviews. Natalya’s vibe is so sweet and humble, she’s a complete doll in our book! Read on to find out what inspires this UK beauty.

B: How were you inspired to start your beauty blog and YouTube Channel?

I have always been interested in fashion and cosmetics, but while at university doing a science degree I found that most of the girls I met didn’t share my interests. I first stumbled on a makeup YouTube video completely by accident and was very surprised as I had no idea that there were girls out there making these types of tutorials. I thought it was fantastic and fell in love with the whole beauty community. I learned so much from watching these girls and it was great to be able to finally talk to someone who was as passionate about cosmetics as I was. After watching videos for about a year I began building my collection and doing some freelance makeup so I decided to take the plunge and start my own channel. The blog came later as an extension of my YouTube channel as my subscribers were asking for me to post detailed photos of my looks, and through that I discovered the blogging community.

B: Do you feel creating beauty videos has changed your life?

To an extent, yes! It has provided a great outlet for one of my passions at a time where I felt my creativity had no room to flourish. I have met so many lovely people through it, and I love all my subscribers and the feedback they give me. Of course with compliments come thinly veiled insults in the form of ‘constructive criticism’, but to me that’s all part of the process and I value the opportunity of learning from all my viewers above everything else. My channel has also given me confidence in my skills and the power of an individual’s opinion. I have been able to test out and give feedback on so many different brands. It is exciting to be given a voice in a community that has so long been dominated by advertising over customers’ feedback and it’s really exciting to be at the forefront of such a change. Above all what has changed my life (and me) is having the support of my viewers, and of course it’s always nice to get recognized.

B: Have you had to deal with any of the negativity that comes with posting on YouTube? If so, how do you deal with it?

Yes, it is to be expected. Internet is the ultimate anonymity tool and anyone can create an account on YouTube and post abuse with relatively few repercussions. I’ve never really let it get to me, and in fact always share the funniest/ worst comments that I get on my videos/blog as I find them hilarious. At the end of the day posting a negative comment is mostly the result of someone having a bad day (or in some instances a very hard time overall) and they decide to express their anger and frustration in the only way they can. It’s not really about me, it’s about them so there is no need to get upset. The funniest one I have had is from a girl who sent me multiple messages accusing me of being a liar. She thought that I was putting on an English accent and pretending to live in London. The best part is she went through all my photos and decided to analyse them to prove this – in the end she sent me a long hateful e-mail telling me that my ‘boyfriend’ in my pictures was obviously my father. Given that he is 6 months younger than me that gave us quite a giggle!

B: Do you have any advice for other Beauties that would like to start their own channel?

Take a big breath and just start making videos! You really will not regret it. Do not worry about the negativity and other people’s insecurities and ignore all hateful comments because they are not about you, but the person writing them. Also, please do not get obsessed with views. I know that some people live by what others say and try to please everyone in order to gain more subs, but really it is not worth it. As long as you enjoy making your videos that is all that matters. Of course I take my viewer’s opinions into consideration, but I make videos I enjoy and would be interested in watching myself. It’s a hobby after all, so keep it fun and don’t get involved in the drama.

B: What draws you to purchase a brand of makeup or particular product?

Many things. If it is a brand I trust and makes good quality products, the price, the packaging, the availability of testers to swatch, others’ opinions of it and whether I am likely to use it systematically. I try not to get overly involved in the hype of limited edition products, but sometimes it’s too tempting.

B: Quick! Name five products you cannot live without?

Hand cream, mascara (at the moment I am loving Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash),concealer/ foundation for those bad skin days, lip balm (Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream) and powder as my skin gets very oily.