Heading Into the Holiday Season With Nail Art


The past couple of years have been a whirlwind for nails. Brands have cranked out every color, texture, and design possible, and the sheer amount of inspiration on Beautylish is mind-blowing if not inspiring. As the festive holiday season of mistletoe manicures, turkey day tips, and New Year's Eve nails approaches, we've been wondering how this year's finger art will step it up. Are you going to embrace the throng of frosted DIY glitter designs and cutesy Christmas motifs (as sported by our very own Sarah E. above), or will you forgo the nail art scene altogether and keep it simple with a solid coat of crimson? The answers are as colorful as the ornaments and candles in our homes.

With so many of you just starting to jump on the nail art bandwagon, we're even more excited to see how Christmas nail trends round up. Which designs are you hankering to learn before December hits? What's on your holiday wishlist? And the most important question to answer—will your manicure be as merry as the month?

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