Astral Projection: The Coolest Galactic Face Makeup


The past few weeks, we've witnessed an annular solar eclipse and a once-in-a-lifetime view of Venus passing the sun—are the cosmos having a moment or what? We're always inspired by the moon and the stars (look how popular galaxy nails have become!), but these days our community is pushing the boundaries of astronomically inclined beauty one step further with a full face. Gaze at these stellar creations for yourself.


This spiraled creation is the Milky Way personified! We love Joanna’s juxtaposition of matte navy and chartreuse streaked with stardust.


How extraordinary—Ashley paints a vibrant sea of cosmic gases, illuminated by the brightest stars in the sky. Nude lips and flawless skin really let this design shine.


Holy cosmos! Is Clarissa’s fantasy rendition of a night sky spot on or what? The nebulous blending, the electromagnetic color spectrum—it’s everything we envision in a universe straight from science fiction.