Double Duty: New Ways to Use Products You Already Own


Ever wonder how a makeup artist discovered that perfect shade of pink lipstick or exquisite dewy skin? Chances are, they didn’t use the product you imagine. Makeup artists love to mix and match their products and effects, knowing that every tool, compact, and lipstick bullet is more than meets the eye. We spoke with New York City-based makeup artist Stojanka Bulic—who’s worked with the legendary Pat McGrath backstage at Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci—and discovered which double-duty products are lurking in your kit! Check out Stoj’s secrets below:

Stoj’s Tips:

  1. Use your concealer as primer! “Before you apply your eyeshadow, sweep a light coat of concealer across your lids. This makes it easier to blend the shadow, and you will see its true color,” suggests Stoj.

  2. Depending on your skin tone, eye shadow makes a great contour! “Lighter skin tones can use a taupe-colored shadow to contour cheekbones, while darker tones should opt for a deeper shade,” says Stoj.

  3. Cream blush is the ultimate multitasker. “Use cream blush as a lipstick, eye shadow, and as a blush,” advises Stoj.

  4. Mascara isn’t just for lashes. “Light brown mascara works wonderfully on your brows,” says Stoj. “Wipe the excess mascara off the wand with a tissue first, then brush softly through the eyebrows.”

  5. All you need is clear lip balm for a summer highlight! “Clear balm makes a great cheekbone highlighter,” explains Stoj. Simply pat it onto the highest planes of your face with your fingertip so it catches the light.