Dita Von Teese Finally Launches The Makeup Line We’ve All Been Waiting For


Fresh from launching her first fragrance Dita with Luxess in October 2011 and set to publish a DIY beauty book later this year, it was only a matter of time before the public demanded even more from burlesque icon Dita Von Teese; this June, she debuts her first ever makeup line. As huge fans of Dita and her dedication to "glamour above all," the collection certainly doesn't disappoint.

An advocate of self-styling with a practice-makes-perfect attitude, Dita's new collections aims to reach a generation of DIYers dedicated to the ritual of makeup application. Launched with German-based brand Artdeco, Dita Von Teese Classics includes a wide range of face, eye, cheek, and lip products created for anyone to master the performer’s trademark face with a little patience. "I believe in learning the art of beauty rather than waiting for someone to give it to you," Dita tells Beautylish. "I think that anyone can learn to be glamorous with the right tools and practice." Unlike the tight lip on Marilyn Monroe's beauty secrets, Dita's ready and willing to share all of her tips, tricks, and products with the world.

For her precision-perfect cat eyes, the collection includes black gel eye liner, a coordinating eye brush, 12 neutral matte and pearl shadows, and two pairs of false lashes made of real, hand-knotted hair—all designed to create an alluring lash line from both front and profile view.

Dita is, of course, most known for her trademark crimson lip, and Artdeco follows suit with six shades spanning the spectrum. The buxom beauty designed these classic reds (the orange-toned Muse Red, true blue base of Parlez-Vous, and ruby-tinted Maitresse) to wear like velvet, with just as much full coverage. “My new lipsticks have the look of lush rose petals,” says Dita. "Never dry, just a tiny hint of sheen—like very fine silk velvet." Those craving a brighter summer lip can turn to three more candied lip colors. And while Dita never lacquers her lips with gloss for a performance (she tells Beautylish that a dusting of glitter dazzles on stage without feeling sticky), the line still includes a glassy brush-tipped lacquer in candy-apple red. Finally, the collection culminates with a set of polishes fit for retro tips. Dita’s famous half-moon mani is easily replicated with Nail Lacquers in Moonlight and Dragon Lady Red.

Dita Von Teese Classics is set for mid-June launch in Germany, but sources say the line's distribution could be coming Stateside soon. Stay tuned.


  • Paramour No. 22
  • Ingenue No. 09
  • Starlet No. 31
  • Ivresse No. 20
Face Fatale Powder, No. 1
Gel Eyeliner, Nocturnelle No. 01
Art Couture Eyeliner Brush
Eye Styler, Minuit No. 51 (not pictured)

Eye Shadows Matt
  • Brunesque No. 520
  • Sepia No. 530
  • Mink No. 524
  • Petticoat No. 554
  • Veuve Noir No. 503
  • Von Fleece No. 512

Glamour Eye Shadows
  • Night Porter No. 300
  • Opulence No. 369
  • Wisp No. 370
  • Spotlight No. 371
  • Gilded Lily No. 374
  • Plush No. 375

Beauty Box Quadro, "Dita's Design"

  • No. 39
  • No. 32

Art Couture Lipstick Velvet
  • Muse Red No. 615
  • Parlez-Vous No. 620
  • Maitresse No. 628
  • Bon Bon No. 607
  • Follies Pink No. 637
  • Demoiselle No. 645
Art Couture Lip Liner (not pictured)
  • Vermillion No. 06
  • Dame No. 10
  • Fatale No. 15

Nail Lacquer
  • Dragon Lady Red No. 10
  • Femme Fatale No. 25
  • Demoiselle Pink No. 19 (not pictured)
  • Moonlight No. 180 (not pictured)
Art Couture Lip Lacquer, Chinois No. 28
Art Couture Lash Volumizer, Raven No. 01

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