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Obsessed: TokyoMilk Dark Fragrances


When I first spotted TokyoMilk’s Dark line in Sephora, I found myself in love at first sight. Everything in the eight-piece collection comes in an opaque black, cut-glass bottle, with an apothecary-style design spelling out the morbid name of the fragrance (Excess, La Vie est La Mort, Arsenic). The bottles, which look like something you’d find in an antique shop between a taxidermically mounted bird and a poison ring. They are works of art unto themselves. And the products smell even more interesting than they look!

These are not your run-of-the-mill celebrity-named, department store perfumes. They’re both exquisite and intoxicating, with distinctive, custom notes like “Absinthe,” “Earth + Moss,” “Osmanthus,” and “Blood Orange.” These are my three stand-out favorites:

Everything and Nothing No. 10

Bottle art: Feather
Notes: Sweet Orange, Pressed Petals, Desert Moss, Tea Leaves
Our take: This scent is romantic and lush, like fermented sweet tea. Spritz on for a sultry evening date.

Tainted Love No. 62

Bottle art: Skeleton key
Notes: Dark Vanilla Bean, Orchid, White Tea, Sandalwood
Our take: The sandalwood complements the vanilla base and the orchid gives it a fresher twist. Comforting and warm, it’s perfect for a family dinner or simply every day.

Bulletproof No. 45

Bottle art: A revolver, natch
Notes: Smoked Tea, Coconut Milk, Crushed Cedar, Ebony Woods
Our take: The most distinctive of the bunch, the woodsy cedar lends this one a masculine vibe, but the coconut tempers it. I found this to be the longest-lasting of the collection, and it can definitely go unisex.

The Dark collection also includes lip balms (with flavors like Clove Cigarette and Salted Caramel), rollerballs, and matching hand lotions. I want all. Of. Them. But for now, I’m happily mixing and matching the core fragrances and pretending I’m a fortune teller in some kind of nightmare carnival. Crystal ball optional.