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Haider Ackermann Makeup, Paris Fashion Week S/S 2012


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Haider Ackermann


"Deep, poetic beauty," was how makeup artist Stephane Marais described the inspiration for the makeup at Haider Ackermann. We like to think of the statement eye makeup as intense, golden smoky eyes. The rest of the face was bare, and the eye shadow was taken all the way up to the eyebrows.


Stephane began by lightly applying Face & Body Foundation over hydrated skin to even and perfect skin tone. He then blended MAC Pro Tint Cream Colour Base under cheekbones to sculpt.

The smoky eyes were created by first applying Coffee Eye Pencil through both the upper and lower lashline to make lashes appear thicker at their root. MAC Pro Concrete and Shale Eye Shadow were mixed together to create a customized taupe for eyes and blended around the eyes to emphasize the crease and lower lash line. Mulch Eye Shadow was then layered and blended over the coffee pencil to create sepia-toned eyes, emphasizing the crease and lower lash line. Then, MAC Pro Medium Blot Powder/Loose was applied under eyebrows and eyes for a matte effect and MAC Pro Shine Mixing Medium was applied over eyelids for a shiny, glossy finish. Lips were bare with a layer of Lip Conditioner SPF 15.

image courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

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