5 Ways To Treat a Sunburned Scalp

It’s peak sunburn season. While you may think you’re prepped and ready to defend your skin from harmful UV rays, there’s one area that’s often overlooked: the scalp. That’s right—the skin along the hairline and hair parts is just as susceptible to sun damage as the rest of the body—and may actually be slightly more irritating. We’ve got products to prevent it, and 5 ways to soothe and heal your skin!

Protect against scalp sunburn

The most obvious way to reduce the risk of sun damage is to avoid long periods of time in the sun or covering your head with a hat or scarf. But if you’re going to be out and about, apply either a powder or spray sunscreen to the scalp.

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Treat scalp sunburns

If the damage is done, don’t fret—we have you covered with 5 ways to soothe and heal your skin.

Take cool showers

Temperature makes all the difference with sunburns. Hot water can make your symptoms worse, but cool may help relieve the pain.

Use an ice roller

Take those cool showers to the next level by ice rolling. It’s important to note that applying ice directly to sunburned skin can actually do more damage than good. Instead, pop an ice roller in the freezer for at least 20 minutes and gently roll it over the scalp to soothe, relieve, and reduce inflammation.

Beautylish recommends Kitsch Ice Roller

Avoid unnecessary styling

If you’re dealing with a sunburned scalp, it’s time to skip unnecessary heat and irritation. Let your hair air dry and lay off the styling tools and products for a bit.

Apply aloe vera

Just like aloe vera helps heal sunburned skin on the body, it can do wonders for the scalp too. Apply for about 10 minutes before washing your hair to calm and soothe irritation.

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Take pain relievers, as needed

Over-the-counter pain relievers can help reduce pain and inflammation. Take as needed to help with the discomfort.