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Editorial: Nail Effects

  • Nail Art Superstar: Natalie Minerva
    • 338

    Nail Art Superstar: Natalie Minerva

    With clients like Ariana Grande and Ciara, Natalie Minerva’s designs are some of the hottest in the nail art scene!

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  • Cuticle Tattoos! A New Way To Dress Up Your Nails
    • 1175

    Cuticle Tattoos! A New Way To Dress Up Your Nails

    Rad Nails recently released cuticle and nail "tattoos," a new kind of decal that lets you put a fresh spin on nail art. Here, we try out the look!

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  • We Love That These Polish Duos Wear Three Different Ways!

    We Love That These Polish Duos Wear Three Different Ways!

    Yves Saint Laurent's new, limited edition La Lacque Couture Tie & Dye topcoats are all about layering and experimenting.

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  • Frosted Fingertips

    Frosted Fingertips

    Glitter nails have taken the beauty world by storm! We've never seen so many different ways to make your fingers sparkle. Click through to discover which type of glitter polish you like—or already wear— the most.

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  • Fail-Proof Manicure Tips
    • 144

    Fail-Proof Manicure Tips

    Want to create the perfect manicure? Achieving salon-worthy nails at home is all about practice, technique, and the right tools. Keep reading for tips, tricks, and genius products that will help you create mess-free fingertips.

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  • Putting the Cute in cutepolish!

    Putting the Cute in cutepolish!

    From feminine floral accents, to quirky cartoon themed manicures, cutepolish delivers videos that inspire all to dress up their nails for any occasion! Find out what inspires her creativity and her process for making nail art video tutorials!

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  • Pretty in Pink Lace
    • 194

    Pretty in Pink Lace

    For a fun take on pretty pink nails, why not add some lace? Whether you paint it on with a tiny brush or apply actual strips of fabric, adding lace is a ladylike way to create a fun, girlie manicure.

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  • Best Glitter Manicures

    Best Glitter Manicures

    From the runways to the streets, one thing is clear: The more sparkly and luminescent your nails, the better. It's not just about regular polish anymore. A layer of shimmer or a coat of sparkle is the look you want. Keep reading to see the manicures that are inspiring us.

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  • Work Manicure Inspiration

    Work Manicure Inspiration

    Just because your nails need to be work-appropriate doesn’t mean they can’t look chic and fabulous. These Beauties have the manicures you'll want while you're typing away at the office.

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  • Blogger Love: Inspirational Sites

    Blogger Love: Inspirational Sites

    Looking for a bright, cute manicure or some great inspiration for a fun makeup look? These great blogs have fantastic photos, wonderful reviews, and exciting work. Don't forget to check out their Beautylish profiles too

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  • Cute Nail Inspiration: Polka Dots!
    • 285

    Cute Nail Inspiration: Polka Dots!

    Looking for a new manicure that will get them gushing? Polka dots are a big fashion trend right now and these Beautylish Beauties show you a new place to sport those spots: your nails!

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  • The Craziest Celebrity Nails
    • 48

    The Craziest Celebrity Nails

    Appliqué, diamanté, decals... celebrities have gone crazy with nail art! Adding a personal touch to your tips is a fun and quirky way to change up your style. For inspiration, check out these outrageous celebrity manicures.

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  • Nail Polish That Changes Color In The Sun!

    Nail Polish That Changes Color In The Sun!

    Do you get bored of your nail color quickly? Meet the latest nail polish formula that changes color, while you wear it! Blaze Nail Lacquer uses SolarActive technology to change colors when exposed to the sun's rays. Find out more about this UV-reactive polish!

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  • Loathe or Love: Magnetic Nail Polish

    Loathe or Love: Magnetic Nail Polish

    Our favorite find from Cosmoprof was hands-down magnetic nail polish. Not sure how it works? Read on to see beauty and science in action, and then tell us if you loathe or love the effect.

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  • Trend: Nautical Navy Nails

    Trend: Nautical Navy Nails

    Summer's nautical trend continues well into fall with navy manicures and polish! Wear your navy nails matte, shiny, or add sparkling appliqués—the choice is yours!

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  • Hello Kitty Nail Tutorial

    Hello Kitty Nail Tutorial

    Are you a fan of Hello Kitty? Can you believe that she's already 36 years old? To celebrate Kitty's ageless allure, we've got a cute tutorial that can keep your obsession going! Keep reading to find out how to get these adorable Hello Kitty nails.

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  • Harry Potter Nail Inspiration
    • 119

    Harry Potter Nail Inspiration

    Beauties, the time has come for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two." The Potter legacy has inspired many a makeup design, and its last installment premieres world-wide this Friday. Not sure how to style your nails magical this week? Keep reading for our Potter-approved design tips.

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  • Ombré Nail Tutorial
    • 535

    Ombré Nail Tutorial 

    Ombré nails are an easy way to spice up your nails without much effort. You literally just dab and go! Keep reading to see how to recreate this hot trend on your tips!

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  • Summer 2011 Nail Trends
    • 202

    Summer 2011 Nail Trends

    From floral decals to metallic feathers, we're going to show you which three summer manicure trends you can't miss!

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  • Wedding Guest Beauty Inspirations
    • 44

    Wedding Guest Beauty Inspirations

    Welcome to wedding season! Get inspired with these with these three inspirational makeup, hair and nail tutorials from Beautylish Beauties that will have you looking like the picture perfect guest (but not better than the bride, of course!).

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