How To Use Nude Eye Liner


Black eye pencil is a must have in everyone's makeup kit, but now nude liner is also making a splash. Having big doll-like eyes like Kim Kardashian can really capture someone’s attention, but not everyone is born with these brilliant orbs. Even Kim Kardashian has a little help from the cosmetic world to make her eyes appear bigger than they really are.

While white can sometimes be a little harsh, a nude or flesh-toned eye liner can open up and enhance the eyes—with subtlety. Make your eyes look wider and brighter with some help from these great eye liners. Rim the inner lash line to create a doll-like innocence or use a nude pencil in your inner tear duct look more awake. You can even use nude on problem areas on your face (so long as the pencil's flesh-toned), or under the brow bone for a highlight. 

If you want to be truly daring, try wearing your nude liner on your top lid!

1 Pixi Eye Bright Liner

This waterproof eyeliner has a tinge of pink in it, which appears more natural-looking when applied. The best thing about this eye liner is its twist up precision point. You don't need to worry about having a sharpener in your bag when you use this hypoallergenic liner. 

2 Tarte EmphasEYEs Inner Rim Brightener

Sure, it says "Inner Rim Brightener," but this liner can be used in more than one way. Try is as on the brow bone to instantly lift and lengthen the shape of your eyes. 

3 Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Topaz

This eye pencil has a different texture than the others. A creamy kajal glides on more easily, which reduces pulling and tugging. Since the eyes are so sensitive, firmer pencils can actually cause damage over time (like wrinkles!) by tugging on skin. Use this kajal formula instead. 

Image courtesy of Celebbuzz

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