Bobbi Brown's Makeup Tips for Glasses


Bobbi's new Tortoise Shell Collection was designed with the bespectacled in mind. "When it comes to eye makeup and glasses, I believe in keeping things simple," she says. "It's not about piling on more makeup—it's about using the right makeup and techniques." We had to learn more, so we asked Bobbi for more foolproof tips on looking gorgeous behind lenses.

Less is definitely more.

Wearing glasses draws attention to your eyes, so keep your eye makeup simple. Stick to neutral shades—like Amber Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in the Tortoise Shell Eye Palette—and save the bold colors for your lips. Don't forget corrector and concealer—a must for all women, but especially if you're wearing glasses.

Eye liner is essential.

Adjusting liner thickness is important when you're wearing glasses—if your frames are thick, apply a thicker line to the upper lash line so that eyes stand out. If your frames are thinner, a softer line works great.

Define the brows.

Eyeglass frames draw attention to the brows, so keep your arches well groomed. Pluck or trim and scraggly hairs, and fill in holes or sparse spots with a brow pencil or powder shadow.

If your prescription makes your eyes look bigger...

Use a light hand, and be sure to blend everything carefully—the last thing you want to do is magnify any mistakes. For shadows, go with neutral shades like Gold Nugget Sparkle Eye Shadow. Liner should be delicate and thin, with one coat of mascara to open up the eyes.

If your prescription makes your eyes look smaller...

Be sure to line your eyes all the way around. Use a liner that is darker than your natural eye color to create contrast, which will help define the eyes. Finish with two coats of mascara for a refreshed look.

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