Video Tutorials: How to Keep Them Watching


Creating videos is always fun but it's only fun for one if no one else is watching. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to keep a viewer's attention throughout your entire video.

Video length

Even though your makeup application is fantastic, there are few who are willing to sit through a 15 minute video of you putting it on. By editing out the information that is repetitive (cut the minutes of footage of you blending out your crease color!) and the idle time gaps (like when you're letting lash glue set), you can ensure that you won't lose your viewer's attention. 

Catchy introductions

The first 10 seconds usually dictates whether or not a viewer will continue to watch a video. Make sure that you keep your first clip to the point, upbeat, and positive. Be engaging and introduce what you plan on demonstrating—the more you're able to grab the viewer's attention in the intro, the more willing they are to continue to watch the rest of the video. 

If you notice in the chart above, audience attention on this specific video raises dramatically in the beginning of the video and tapers off toward the tail end of it because the video is so long. Make sure the content of your video is showcased in the beginning and that you keep the footage to what you absolutely need. 

Avoid Fillers

When recording a tutorial, try to stay away from using fillers like uh or um. It's a little difficult to do when you're used to saying these words in conversation. When you first start recording tutorials, try doing practice runs of recording so you can get comfortable in front of the camera. Once you feel confident enough to speak without using fillers, hit record and start filming!