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Designer Cigarettes? We Think Not


We love designer decals on bags, shoes and nails but on cigarettes—no thank you, even if it's Yves Saint Laurent! The ultra-posh brand is promoting cigarettes with their designer logo in "refined" black and gold boxes but only marketed and sold in Asia and Russia. Other brands like Cartier and Pierre Cardin have also given tobacco companies permission to use their logos. YSL promotes their designer smokes as "creating a sense of appeal to female vanity and thereby making the woman who chooses to smoke Yves Saint Laurent cigarettes more attractive than one who smokes another brand, or more attractive than a woman who does not smoke at all."

Seriously, Yves Saint Laurent? I don't think our eyes can roll back any further. We have absolutely no desire to give into this item and hope they're taken off the shelves—there is nothing chic and cool about smoking. Beauties, what are your thoughts on these?

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