All Eyes On: Christine of xteeener


You may already know xteeener as one of the sweetest YouTube beauty vloggers around. Since creating her user-friendly beauty videos two years ago, she has reached nearly 175,000 subscribers and has over 35 million views on all her beauty videos. Christine uses a range of inexpensive beauty products that many users are able to relate to. Read on to find out more about Christine and how she got her start online!

Q &A: Christine of xteeener

B: How were you inspired to start your YouTube Beauty Channel?

While I was still in college, I dabbled upon some beauty forums and threads such as on Soompi which then led me to more beauty-related videos on YouYube. From then on I was hooked and there was really no turning back. One day I grabbed my camera and just started filming myself. It felt so natural that it became addicting. It was truly a creative outlet for me.

B: What have been the ups and downs of being a popular beauty guru on YouTube?

There have been way more ups than downs. One of the obvious downs is dealing with harsh criticism and rude remarks. It wasn’t pleasant at first but it rarely if ever affects me in a negative way anymore. I love being able to inspire and help in any way by reachingout to more people. One of the most endearing ups is knowing that so many of my viewers and supporters trust and believe in me. I honestly just feel very fortunate.

B: What is the strangest viewer request you have ever received?

Well let’s just say there are some strange and creepy things that go on on YouTube. Someone onced asked to film a video of my feet. Need I say more?

B: On a normal day, what makeup will you normally wear?

Concealer, light foundation, blush, one to two eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara, and gloss stick.

B: Any insider beauty tips for us?
  • Focus on brightening up areas around your face and eyes for a more complete and flawless look. A bit of concealer and tinted moisturizer will do the trick.
  • If possible try to apply makeup in natural daylight. You will be able to tell if your foundation matches your neck and skintone the best this way.
  • Gently remove the makeup around your eyes. Avoid rubbing your eyes as much as possible! All of this can result in: lashes falling out, premature wrinkles, darkness around and under the eyes.
  • Be kind to your skin. Let it breathe every now and then. Hydrate it by drinking plenty of water and moisturizing your skin.