All Eyes On: Jessica Harlow


Miss Jessica Harlow, YouTube Beauty Guru and Beauty Blogger, tells Beautylish how she was inspired to create her beauty videos, gives us a peak into her favorite products.

Q &A: Jessica Harlow

B: How old were you when you first started wearing makeup and who did you initially learn from?

I was always playing with makeup since I was a little girl. I used to put on my mother’s lipsticks and kiss papers and napkins to leave prints on them! I started collecting Lipsmackerswhen I was about 8. I had all of them! I didn’t start wearing makeup in public and to school until I was around 11 or 12. No one taught me anything about makeup. It was kind of second-nature for me. I was always a pretty artistic kid so maybe that helped.

B: How were you inspired to start your beauty blog and YouTube Beauty Channel?

I started off watching other girls on YouTube and fell in love the idea of being able to share what I love with the world. I was treated as an expert on beauty and makeup by people who knew me and grew up with me so I figured why not just give it a go?

B: Has your success on YouTube influenced future career choices?

Absolutely.YouTube is in a lot of ways my career, and it’s become so much more than just making videos. So many doors have opened for me so far and I can’t even imagine what this could lead to for my future. I feel very, very lucky.

B: Were your family and friends supportive of you making tutorials and becoming popular on YouTube?

Everyone has been terrific. Being popular onYouTubesometimes can get a little confusing for them. Everytime I go out I get recognized and get asked for pictures. It amazes me how muchYouTubehas become a part of my everyday life even when I’m not in front of my camera and computer, filming and editing!

B: What is the strangest viewer request you’ve ever received?

Sex-proof makeup. Not sure if I want to be known for that.

B: Do you have any advice for other Beauties that would like to start their own channel?

Keep your videos as short as possible. It’s painful for me to have to watch someone talk and explain what they’re about to do for five minutes. I was guilty of this on an occasion or two. Simply put, show don’t tell. Just get right to the point. It’s the internet. 24 hours of video is uploaded every minute to YouTube. Videos should be bite-sized.

B: Do you have a signature look that you are recognized for?

My hair has that messy, just rolled-out of bed thing going on most of the time. Usually it’s because I really did roll out of bed. In my skincare video, people were asking me how I did my hair. That was my hair air-dried and slept on. I don’t use styling products in my hair either.

B: What are some of your favorite places in NYC to buy beauty products?

Sephora and high-end department store counters. Ricky’s is also great for finding moderately-priced, good-quality makeup. They have a lot of theatrical and stage makeup there with tons of lash options. I recommend it to anyone in New York City.

B: On a normal day, what makeup will you normally wear?

A little bit of concealer, a light foundation, bronzer, mascara, eye shadow as liner, and lip gloss.  My favorite everyday gloss inHuge Lips, Skinny Hips by Purple Lab because it’s not sticky at all.

B: Name five products that you cannot live without!

Image Skincare Treatment Mask, Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer, black mascara, St. Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Scrub, and Benefit Hoola Bronzer.