All Eyes On: Klaire de Lys


Klaire de Lys captivates you with her enchanting voice and amazing makeup skills. You may land on one of her beauty videos to learn a technique but you slowly begin to watch them obsessively since they are such beauty masterpieces. Also, only expect Klaire to use affordable makeup that you can easily snag yourself too. Let her sparkle your imagination and keep reading on to learn how this beauty guru started!

Q & A Klaire de Lys

Q: When did you first get into makeup?

I only got into makeup two years ago. Before that I was just completely focused on my art work and singing and I was a bit of a tom boy (which I still am). People always get so shocked when I have a Blog TV session and I don't have makeup on. To be honest, I never wear makeup on a daily basis. I would rather spend those 30 minutes in bed.

Q: How were you inspired to start creating your own videos?

I only got into makeup after I started on YouTube with my singing channel which is how I first started on You Tube. I liked to wear crazy makeup for my videos and people kept asking me to do tutorials. It was only after I saw Panacea81 and BeautyArtStudio videos that I was really inspired to just go for it. Since then, I haven't been able to stop.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of being a guru?

It's when people leave me comments or messages saying that me using cosmetics they could afford really helped them get into makeup and feel more confident about themselves. My favorite part is when people start to feel less nervous about wearing bold colours and post pictures on my Facebook showing me what they've done. It makes me so happy to see people enjoying and using my work like that.

Q: What has been the strangest request you've received from your user?

I love strange requests! The weirder the better! I think the best one was a request to do the makeup for Pan in Pan's Labyrinth. I don't know how I'm going to do it, but now that I've been dared, I have to!

Q: Who are some of your favorite gurus?

Panacea81 and BeautyArtStudio definitely for inspiring me. There are just so many! The top one's would have to be iwanted2c1video, anaarthur81, GoldieStarling, Petriludedanalajeunesse, NikkieTutorials and joannadelilah to name just some of them. Love their channels!

Q: Have you ever had a beauty faux pas?

Oh boy! It isn't strictly makeup related, but when I was around 15 to 16, I went through this phase of plucking the living daylights out of my eyebrows. I had a horrible thin line for eyebrows. Makes my face itch just thinking about it.

Q: What are your beauty pet peeves?

I have so many! The biggest one would have to be when people use makeup as a mask to hide behind and won't be seen outside without makeup on. It really gets to me. Makeup is meant to enhance what you have and be an expression of your personality. Not a two inch layer of cosmetics to hide behind.

Q: Can you name 5 products that you cannot live without?

The majority of them would be skin products. I used to suffer from really bad acne so keeping my skin looking nice without makeup is a bit of an obsession.

  • Aqueous Cream. Love this stuff! It's so cheap and it's the only moisturizer I've used that does not break me out.

  • Muslin Cloths to exfoliate my skin. I can't use face scrubs as they're too harsh and makes my skin break out. But I can use a muslin cloth on my face everyday and they do a better job for me than any face scrub ever did.

  • Lush Face masks. These things are my guilty pleasure! ;)

  • Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation. I hate heavy foundation and this foundation makes my skin look so good in photos.

  • e.l.f HD powder. This is my secret weapon for photos. It tricks the camera into making your skin look pretty much perfect!

Q: What upcoming beauty videos can we expect from you?

I have a list of looks to do which could probably run from one side of my house to the other. This year I want to do a lot more special effects makeup, and just improve the quality of my videos in general. I finally saved up enough for some good lights and I should be getting a white background soon. I'm really looking forward to just going crazy with makeup and special effects, I just need to wait until my university will give me time to record! I've been running on pre-recorded videos since the summer and I'm dying to just record a new batch of videos and really challenge myself.