All Eyes On: Dana Lajeunesse


Dana Lajeunesse beauty videos are not fancy. They are real, raw, and 100% her. Her makeup tutorials are extreme but take what you want from them and make them your own. Based in Northern Ontario, this makeup artist of over 13 years knows how to work the magic of cosmetics! Dana is never afraid of experimenting with colors and textures, and that inspires so many, including us at Beautylish, to do the same.

Q &A: Dana Lajeunesse

B: When did you become fascinated by beauty and cosmetics?

I became interested in it around the age of twelve. My mother was/is not a big makeup wearer, however my childhood friend’s mother was a hairdresser and had a lot of cosmetics. When I discovered colour, I fell in love!

B: At what point in your life did you realize you wanted to be a makeup artist and why?

I took a year off after grade 13. I then decided to take the esthetics’s course. Make up application was part of the course, however we were not formally taught this portion, we were given the textbook chapter to read and a fishing tackle box full of makeup to play around with. After graduating with honours, I ditched the manicure pedicure etc portion of the course and stuck solely with the makeup. I was 20 when I graduated.

B: What is your favorite thing about your job?

The art, creation and self-expression. Seeing brides and prom girls glow!

B: What kind of obstacles have you faced since starting?

I was a single Mother for the first 4 years of my career. being from such a small community in Northern Ontario, doing makeup for a living is seasonal and was not in high enough demand to pay the bills and support myself and a child at that time. I had to work a full time job and do my makeup on the side for extra cash. I did not always have the life of solely doing what I wanted to do for fun!

B: Who are your beauty inspirations?

Kevin AucoinKathy Cervantes (Owner of Bitchslap! Cosmetics) and Billy B.

B: What's a day like in your shoes?

I do this for fun, so a day in my shoes is chasing 5 children and being a housewife. You Tube is my creative outlet. When I have a booking, I have the kids dropped off to Grandma, then I always go to the person/bride/clients home to apply their makeup. I like that a bride does not need to come to me nor need to get stressed about being ready on time, getting dressed and rushing around. They stay in their robe, I go in, they enjoy their morning with their bridesmaids, mothers etc and we work together for her to have a positive experience.

B: How were you inspired to start your YouTube Channel?

I was on YouTube searching for something totally unrelated to makeup. I had no idea tutorials even existed on you tube. The side suggestions had a thumbnail of one of Lauren Luke’s (panacea81) videos. I watched all of her videos in a row, then discovered thousands ofppl doing this. I immediately told my husband Jason about it, and said “I want to do this!” He said “go for it”. The rest is history. Being a stay at home mother of five, it is so perfect for me to do what I love, stay home with the babies and help people all over the world. I am so blessed and thankful for all of my subscribers and to have this opportunity to help people all over the world.

B: Do you feel YouTube has changed your life?

I need to have a creative outlet, always have. This fits my life to a tee. I am not doing this to gain subscribers, nor reach a certain “status” I do not want money nor fame. This is my personal journey. What others do or need to fulfill themselves is their journey. I get to do what I love, have my outlet, help men and women all over the world and that makes me smile! :)

B: What draws you to purchase a brand of makeup or particular product?

Word of mouth from someone I trust.  I have many friends in the you tube community. Some “gurus” are in this for the money and the fame. They will bold faced lie to their subscribers and be robotic/commercialized. This is untruthful and nauseating to me.  I will never lie to my followers or subscribers. One of the main reason people are drawn to me is the fact that I keep it real and tell it like it is…always have…always will. I look for products that give you the best for your dollar. I have tried high end and dirt cheap items, sadly people can be cheap and get sucked into the hype of a certain brand which will break the bank. I am all about finding the best products for the cheapest price possible. I am a frugal Mama :)

B:Do you have any insider beauty tips for us?

When it comes to insider tips I only have to offer the mentality that a high price tag does not mean that a product is the best. Look around. Listen to people. If there is one person who knows their stuff and has the best info for tip tricks and informative info, its Enkore Makeup on YouTube. Koren is the best!