2011 Hair Trend Inspirations


What is Wella Trend Vision? Well, every year, Wella holds an international competition (think Bravo's "Shear Genius" but without the reality TV drama) to pick the best hairstyles that represent each of the four trends of the year. Within the parameters of each trend, hairstylists show off their technique with cuts, color, and styling—essentially, their Vision of the Trend. This year, the September competition will be held in Los Angeles and Beautylish's Ning crashed one of the Editorial prep classes (basically boot camp for hairstylists who want to use Wella's photography and makeup teams for their entries--the next Wella Trend Vision 2011 Editorial class is in NYC in May) to find out more about this year's four trends in hairstyling: Lumina, Glamazon, Passionista, and Polaris. Check out the gallery of mood boards below too and see the inspiration process in progress: "A mood board is your inspiration on paper. It's a great reminder of what you want to see in your look," says Wella Top Stylist Diego Raviglione.

lumina metallic sci-fi

  • Sophisticated futurism

  • '70s science fiction movies

  • Celebrating technology

  • Sleek, smooth, graphic shapes

  • Metallic tones (yellow, white, and rose golds) with accent colors "Just one pop of color can be stronger than color all over the hair," says Diego.

Glamazon urban warrior

  • Urban Jungle

  • Wild, raw sexiness, untamed sensuality

  • The fusion of nature and the city, such as the coexistence of trees with architecture

  • Manipulated hair textures such as micro-crimping (to give volume without backcombing or teasing) and big braids

  • Ombré hair color (darker roots and lighter ends): "But this doesn't have to be a literal ombré. You should be inspired by, not dictated by, the trends," says Diego.

passionista red lover

  • The euphoric joy and happiness of love

  • Emotional inspiration: "Trends evolve not only from fashion, but from economics, politics, and what's happening socially," says Diego.

  • Bright, bold red tones, but mixing warm and cool reds

  • Softer, fuller shapes

Polaris high contrast

  • Polar opposites: matte vs. shiny, black vs. white

  • Assertive, aggressive beauty

  • Combining dark, black tones with light

  • Strong, structured tailoring

  • Elegant shapes, like a French twist

  • Crisp, defined lines

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