Gender-Neutral Makeup Line ‘Enter Pronoun’ Celebrates Androgynous Beauty


Coed makeup line Enter Pronoun is the newest brand ready to transcend gender boundaries in the beauty industry.

After returning from a three-year stay in France, Enter Pronoun CEO and creative director Natalia Ramirez quickly saw a void in the market for makeup products fit for both men and women. “When I moved back to New York, I had lesbian friends who didn’t like to look made up, but they liked to look good,” says Natalia. She always loved doing makeup on men, but found the textures available too mask-like and unnatural on their complexion. “Men have thicker skin, so thicker makeup just looks obvious and bad. I wanted textures that were transparent—so you could see the skin underneath.”

Ramirez, who teamed up with the Milan-based manufacturer Bklor, spent hours in the lab perfecting formulas for her three inaugural products housed in gunmetal gray metallic packaging—symbolic of the brand’s hybrid flavor.

The concealer trio, named Switchbox, is Natalia's solution to veil dark facial hair. “I personally call it magic concealer,” she raves about the feather-light yet dense formula of the cover-up. “The colors are orange red-based and completely disguise the dark black and blue pigment of facial hair—it’s perfect for tattoos as well.” Blacknailed liquid liner, the only product for eyes, targets anyone looking for definition. “Eye liner is my signature thing, and a lot of men, no matter what their style, are open for a little bit of it.” Blowtorch, a powder bronzer, was created because “everyone could always use a little bit of color.”

The conceptual name 'Enter Pronoun' was inspired by a painting Natalia’s friend created, entitled 2 (enter plural pronoun) kissing. “My life is very much surrounded by designers—I’m not really in a group of friends that work in beauty,” says Natalia. “The message is individuality. It’s about the fact that each person putting on this product is making themselves look and feel more beautiful—and it doesn’t really matter who they are.”

As for future plans, Enter Pronoun plans to keep a lifestyle-leaning edge, with a host of upcoming brand collaborations in the realms of fashion and art. Lip products are also in the mix. “As a society, we are letting ourselves recognize this kind of beauty, and really exalt it in a way unlike before,” explains Natalia. “We ignore judgments, and men are a little bit less afraid to test something called ‘makeup.’”

Switchbox concealer, $32, Blacknailed eye liner, $28, and Blowtorch bronzer, $35, available at

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